Pelco’s Evolution Mini 360° Indoor Surveillance Camera

A discreet, powerful extension of the Evolution panoramic camera range with a three year warranty

The Evolution Mini 360° indoor surveillance camera from Pelco by Schneider Electric has a diameter of 4.25″. Its size makes it a cost-effective camera for hospitality, education, retail, and banking facilities—anywhere a small, discreet, but robust camera with no blind spots is required.

indoor surveillance cameraSuitable for ceiling, wall, or table mounted applications, the Evolution Mini 360° is an IP panoramic camera with a 5-megapixel 1/2.5 CMOS sensor and no moving parts. This means silent operation and no wear and tear. The lightweight unit has a convenient surface-mounting design that fully supports IEEE802.3af Class 2 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for installation convenience.

The Evolution Mini Camera provides total situational awareness over a 360° field of view with configurable privacy zones and video motion detection within defined areas of interest. It generates a number of video streams with frame rates of 30 fps for 1 MP and 1⁄4 MP resolution, 15 fps for 2 MP resolution, and
10 fps for 4 MP full resolution.

The Evolution Mini 360° indoor surveillance camera is fully integrated with multiple VMS platforms to provide client-side de-warping and retrospective analysis. De-warping on the network video recorder (NVR) provides an immersive experience that allows users to go back in time to retrospectively view the total scene in its original form and then pan, tilt, and/or zoom within the 360° image—just like a live image. With this tool, multiple users can view the same image with different perspectives concurrently from a single camera—either live or recorded.

“Evo Mini offers a great way for customers to maximize their video security coverage and investment,” said Kevin Saldanha, Senior Product Manager, Pelco by Schneider Electric. “As with all products in the Evolution 360° series, this exciting new joint-venture product combines Oncam Grandeye’s award-winning 360° cameras and client-side de-warping technology, with excellent Pelco service and support, product delivery, and warranty fulfillment.”

Available in black (EVO-05LJD) or white (EVO-05LID), the Evolution Mini 360° features 0.2 lux minimum illumination for clarity in low light, electronic wide dynamic range (WDR), an on-board Micro SD card, and H.264 / MJPEG streaming with multiple quality levels. The indoor surveillance camera also optimizes bandwidth and storage utilization.

Evolution 360° series cameras come with a three year warranty. And with availability of the Pelco Endura 360 Viewer, all Evolution 360 series cameras can connect to Endura video management systems. This is in addition to existing connectivity to Pelco Digital Sentry and numerous third party VMS platforms.


  1. It is great to see the indoor surveillance camera and it is also easy to install without the help of a security engineer.

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