Easy Trap Duster System From 3M

Featuring "sweep and dust sheets" designed to trap dust and debris, this system can be used to clean from the floors to the ceiling vents.

Keeping commercial spaces free of unwanted debris — such as dust, sand, and hair — is an ongoing challenge for facility maintenance teams. It can appear virtually anywhere, from floors to ceiling vents. To help tackle dust and debris from the ground up, 3M developed the 3M™ Easy Trap Duster – sweep & dust sheets. This product is designed to trap and hold up to eight times more dust, dirt and sand than a conventional flat fringed cotton dust mop and a professional version of a common household sweeping dust cloth brand.

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3M Easy Trap Duster – sweep & dust sheet

3M Easy Trap Duster – sweep & dust sheets are disposable sheets that can be used on both sides. Designed for the cleaning needs of a variety of facilities, including hospitals, schools, hotels, gyms, hair salons, veterinarian clinics and car dealerships, the Easy Trap Duster sheets can be used with virtually any flat mop or duster to clean nearly every surface.

The sheets are made with a minimum of 60% recycled content, and with proprietary, nonwoven fibers. A 3M adhesive technology ensures consistent debris collection throughout the sheet. Because of the adhesive technology, the sheets adhere to virtually any flat sweeping tool, or wrap around high dusting tools. Lower drag, meanwhile, reduces worker fatigue.

To maximize efficiency, a specifically designed head, the 3M™ Easy II Holder, features an “A” shape that allows the user to sweep large debris without it tumbling over the holder. It also makes it easier to flip the duster over and utilize the other side, without having to bend over and handle the dirty sheet. The holder is compatible with a standard treaded U.S. broom handle.

The complete Easy Trap Duster System is made up of the 3M™ Easy II Holder, which includes a dust head & holder available in 17″, 23″, 35″, 47″, and 59″ inch sizes, and 3M™ Easy Trap Duster – sweep & dust sheet rolls that are available in 5″x6″ or 8″x6″ sheets. The Easy Trap Duster System was created by 3M Commercial Solutions Division.