KeyWatcher Touch Key Management Enhancements

Advancements Improve Efficiency of Setup, Configuration, and Use

The KeyWatcher® Touch from Morse Watchmans has been enhanced with new features. The key management system is now faster, stronger, and more adaptable to meet and exceed the needs of current and future applications.

key managementKeyWatcher Touch is a scalable integrated key control and management solution designed for interoperability with access control and other systems. Users decide who has permission to remove each key. The modular system allows for customized key storage cabinets with different modules for keys, access cards, laptops, and handheld devices and the ability to change modules where and when necessary.

“We are continually working to enhance our key management solutions to provide the features and functionality end users need to improve physical security,” said Fernando Pires, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “These latest advances build upon the KeyWatcher Touch’s faster, more powerful engine to further streamline system operation and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.”

key managementDriven by a powerful upgraded processor and operating system, the KeyWatcher Touch Gen2 CPU’s faster speeds improve sync time when encrypting and decrypting communication data. The increase in processor speed, coupled with memory, offers vastly improved performance with a much more sensitive touchscreen, faster user interface, and improved sync times that are seven to 10 times faster than before.

Among the KeyWatcher Touch enhancements is a Key Filter feature that allows users who have access to multiple keys to search by name or number to locate a specific key. This function appears as a button on the key removal and return screens, as well as the Key Find screen to allow users to determine who has a particular SmartKey and from which KeyWatcher Touch cabinet it was removed at any given time.

Morse Watchmans has also added support for a USB flash drive to function as a local settings backup. Should a user need to replace a CPU assembly, this feature eliminates the need to re-enter the server name, KeyWatcher Touch name, and cabinet configuration.

To reduce the time needed to bring systems online, the KeyWatcher Touch startup process has been improved, allowing a unit to connect to the server more quickly. Should the key management system fail during its initial search for the server, it will continue to attempt to connect. KeyWatcher Touch offers additional efficiencies in the form of faster searches, which reduces the time required to access the settings screens for initial setup and configuration.