Virtual Window Solution For Elevators By Panoramia

Interior design technology startup Panoramia launches the world’s first 3D visualization solution for elevator interiors.

Interior design technology startup Panoramia is introducing the world’s first 3D visualization solution for elevator interiors, enabling virtual windows for elevators. With the out-of-the box smart elevator product, property owners can easily create a unique and brand compliant environment for any kind of elevator. See a video here.

Cities are growing in every direction and technology becomes a continuously important part of people’s everyday lives. Swedish company Panoramia aspires to set a new standard for elevator design with 3D technology in high-end buildings.

“When entering an elevator, imagine that you experience a panoramic view of the surrounding city skyline, a breath-taking scenery of a Norse fjord, a moon landscape or a stylish abstract visual representation of your brand,” says Niklas Lundback, Co-founder of Panoramia. “Panoramia becomes that window. Our mission is to let people turn their elevator rides into journeys.”

Panoramia’s solution is a unique product on the global market for smart elevators. It contributes to the in-building experience for demanding property owners, commercial real-estate and residents by seamlessly implementing an integrated, high-resolution screen in one or two of the elevator walls. With the implementation, a unique atmosphere is created in the elevator car. The screen becomes a virtual window that most elevators are missing. As the elevator moves up, down, or stops, Panoramia’s animated 3D visualizations move accordingly.

The solution works in all kinds of elevators and was created as a customer-driven project together with AMF Fastigheter, one of Sweden’s leading property owners. It is offered as a complete product with screen, control computer, measurement devices and animated visualizations. Three installations have been finalized, and the company is now launching the product globally.

During 2018, Panoramia will launch a Software-as-a-Service solution to enable customers to easily change scenery in the elevator with an app.