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View this free video webinar and learn about energy management challenges faced by facilities professionals, and how IoT technology can help simplify management and reduce costs.

Learn About The Future of IoT for Energy Management

IoT Energy ManagementAs a facility professional, you face unique challenges: costly and complex systems, security issues, reporting and monitoring. This webinar will teach you how to resolve these issues while lowering your energy bills and reducing maintenance costs.

View this free video webinar, and learn:

  • Energy management challenges faced by facilities professionals.
  • How Internet of Things technology can help simplify management and reduce costs for heating, cooling, lighting and more.
  • Case studies in how commercial and industrial buildings have benefited by implementing IoT-based energy management solutions.

Featured Speakers

IoT Energy ManagementBarry McConachie has over 25 years of business development and engineering experience, building and managing companies in software, renewable energy, data communications and wireless technology. In 2010 he founded Incenergy to develop affordable energy management software solutions for the commercial building market. As founder and CEO, Barry leads the company in innovating economical, wireless, and mobile energy efficiency products that achieve dramatic energy reductions in commercial buildings; and accelerates the evolution of the Smart Building.

IoT Energy ManagementGustavo Reyna Manages the Intel Business Development and Go-To-Market strategy and programs with Intel IoT software solution partners. Gustavo works in several vertical market segments to assure that industry requirements and business needs are addressed in delivering solutions that provide real business value. He has been working with facilities managers, building management companies, building automation groups and designers to fully understand the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

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The Future of IoT for Energy Management