Facility Executive | June 2017 Issue

The June 2017 issue features the impact of workplace design on productivity, plus a look at conferencing technology, HVAC systems, sustainable carpet, security, acoustics, construction projects, and energy management.

June 2017 IssueFacility Executive: June 2017

Volume 30, Number 3

Tech And FM: Ready, Set, Collaborate | Support conferencing capabilities, now and for the future, with four simple steps.

The HVAC Factor: Reduce Energy Use, And Save Water | Recognize the water energy nexus by optimizing HVAC systems.

Cleaning To Safeguard Health | Evaluate how procedures impact maintenance staff and occupants. Plus, take indoor air quality into account to boost cleaning efforts.

Workplace Design To Support Work | Facility management plays a significant role in office productivity, and there are three important aspects to examine.

Maintaining Sustainable Carpet | Maximize the life of these interior elements with specific processes.

Who Is In The Facility? | Keeping track of facility occupants with security systems doesn’t stop at the front door.

Safety Net Hospital Strengthens Services | Erlanger Health System in Chattanooga, TN expanded its facilities to serve the growing community. Plus, in a shifting landscape healthcare facility managers can succeed by going “back to basics.”

Serve Up Sound Quality In Senior Living | Acoustic design is an important concern in facilities that house populations that may be hard of hearing.

A Deeper Shade Of Green | To get the most from energy initiatives, employee engagement is a significant piece of the puzzle.

Improving Building Projects | Three tools can help facility executives improve their construction project outcomes.

Renewable Energy: Creating “Better Buildings” With Solar Energy | The Better Buildings Initiative, administered by the U.S. Department of Energy, shares several partner projects.

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