Collection of flooring products includes carpet and textile composite flooring

The Form + Finish Collection is a line of six flooring products that include texture, luster, pattern, and dimension.
The Form + Finish Collection is a line of six flooring products that include texture, luster, pattern, and dimension.

J+J Form + Finish Flooring Products

Combination of Sophisticated Carpet & Kinetex Products for Myriad Installation Options

Collection of flooring products includes carpet and textile composite flooring

The Form + Finish Collection from J+J Flooring Group is a line of six flooring products. Amorphous, Atmospheric, Emulsion, Organic Raku, Fracture, and Flux include texture, luster, pattern, and dimension.

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Amorphous, Atmospheric, and Emulsion are three 24″ x 24″ modular carpets which are available in 13 colorways and with plush textures and non-patterned patterns. Amorphous morphs contrasting neutrals and bold hues in a graphic pattern that allows for variations on installed aesthetics; Atmospheric morphs the form of a textured surface with the finish of glazed color; and Emulsion offers freeform effects.

Available in 12 colors, Organic Raku is an 18″ x 36″ plank carpet that offers a dynamic flooring option through a patterning effect that embraces visual movement. Mattes mixing with lusters and neutrals support rich palettes of saturated color to create a flared effect that changes as you move across a finished application.

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To achieve the plush textures and dynamic patterns, three of the carpet products utilize ColorPoint tufting technology. This technology allows for multiple pile heights, sophisticated cut and loop construction, intricate yarn placement, and a more continual pattern through horizontal and vertical tufts.

All four products are manufactured using J+J Flooring Group’s Encore® BCF Nylon, a high performance solution dyed/yarn dyed combination nylon with lifetime performance warranties; and ColorLoc® Plus, a bleach-resistant technology enabling carpets to resist permanent staining from both acid (e.g., coffee, sodas, tea, wine) and disperse-type agents (e.g., betadine, ketchup, mustard).

Two Kinetex products, Fracture, a 24″ x 24″ modular product in 12 colorways, and Flux, a 12″ x 48″ demi-plank in six colorways, round out the collection. Fracture focuses on the patterning that a crackle glaze creates and highlights each separation within the glaze for an aged appeal. Both feature bold organics and color combinations that wash into each other along with a graceful, fluid patterning that reflects the art of glazing.

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Through their design, construction, and materials, Flux and Fracture contribute towards better acoustics, greater comfort, improved traction (when compared to a hard surface) to prevent slips and falls, and enhanced indoor air quality. These textile composite flooring products bring the warmth and feel of a soft surface with the durability and maintenance attributes of a hard surface.

Kinetex products offer extreme stain resistance and the ability to withstand 5 million foot traffics with minimal wear. Their lifecycle cost of ownership is less than that of rubber, LVT, and VCT. In addition, Fracture and Flux are standard with PreFix™, a pre-applied releasable adhesive that allows for installation over concrete with an RH up to 99%, reducing the need for moisture mitigation.

All Kinetex products have a 50% lower environmental impact than traditional flooring. They also contain more than 55% recycled content and are fully closed-loop recyclable. Both are NSF 140 Platinum certified and have an EPD and a HPD available for complete transparency.

For greater flexibility, the carpet and the Kinetex products can be paired and installed together in various methods. Products from the Form + Finish Collection can also be matched with J+J’s new LVT products, providing even more flooring solutions.

All Form + Finish flooring products are manufactured at J+J’s advanced vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Dalton. The industry’s first third-party certified zero-waste-to-landfill facility, it is also certified to the newest ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO 14001:2015.

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