TGI-Spacer M with Wire Warm Edge Window Spacer

Improves the thermal and structural performance of window systems

The TGI®-Spacer M with Wire from Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI) is a warm edge window spacer bar that helps improve overall thermal and structural performance, reduce the risk of condensation, and enhance the appearance of window systems. A spacer is a component that separates and seals the panes of glass within a double or triple glazed window.

window spacerInsulated Glass Units (IGUs) consist of two or three panes of glass, a gas fill, sealants, and a spacer. The TGI-Spacer is the profile that separates the panes of glass, preventing any gas fill from leaking and improving the thermal performance via “warm edge” technology.

“Warm edge” refers to the thermal interaction between the panes of glass, window frame, and spacer at the sealed edge of an insulating glass window. The lower the energy loss between the inside and outside of the window, the warmer the edge.

TGI-Spacer’s patented design combines the benefits of high-performance polymers and low-conductivity stainless steel to provide minimal heat transfer, and maximum protection against gas leakage and moisture penetration. Its polymer component insulates and strengthens the spacer while the continuous stainless steel back provides an inorganic surface for sealant adhesion, gas retention, and a working surface for fabrication equipment and double-wall protection against corrosion.

window spacerThe TGI-Spacer M has an optimized profile geometry that is suitable for larger window units. It delivers truer, easier handling and visibly improved sightlines for a complete range of applications with increased rigidity and durability. The introduction of wires into this window spacer provides improved processing and bent frame integrity for IG fabricators.

The TGI-Spacer M with Wire is a cold, bendable, warm edge spacer bar. This hybrid product is comprised of a thin, low conductivity stainless steel, a spring steel wire, and an engineered thermoplastic.

“TGI-Spacer’s hybrid technology combines the excellent seal durability and structural performance of a stainless steel box spacer with the thermal performance of a non-metallic spacer. Introducing the reinforcing steel wire provides improved processing efficiencies and bent frame integrity without negatively impacting thermal performance,” explains says Brian Stephens, TGI market team member.

“Thermally efficient building envelopes of today and tomorrow are critical to energy management, and TGI-Spacer M with Wire’s drop-in solution meets, or exceeds, the toughest industry expectations in all climates. By reducing the heat transfer at the edge of glass, our product helps minimize the risk of condensation on the interior glass surface, and improve thermal comfort for building occupants,” Stephens added.

TGI-Spacer systems can contribute to daylighting and material health ingredient criteria detailed in LEED v4. TGI-Spacer M with Wire was awarded a Platinum Material Health Certificate by the Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

“TGI-Spacer M with Wire also gives designers the freedom to achieve their aesthetic vision,” said Stephens. “It visibly improves sightlines, and its wide range of size configurations and colors blend with nearly any window frame.”

The TGI-Spacer M with Wire is available in a variety of sizes and in six standard colors: black, light gray, dark gray, white, champagne, and bronze. Custom window spacer colors and sizes are also offered.