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XtraLight Focuses On LED Lighting For Data Centers

XtraLight Manufacturing has recently initiated an additional focus on data center LED lighting. This comes after research has found that data centers can reduce energy consumption by up to 40% just by applying best management energy-efficiency measures and strategies. More specifically, data centers can improve their power usage effectiveness (PUE) by up to 25% with energy-efficient LED lighting paired with sophisticated controls and sensors.

Photo: XtraLight Manufacturing

“Not only are many existing data center lighting configurations inefficient, they also tend to lack in customization and controls. This is where our new controls and sensor ready LED fixtures can make a substantial difference,” says Jerry Caroom, CEO at XtraLight.

Combining the controls ready LED fixtures from XtraLight with advanced lighting software brings innovative “Follow Me Lighting” applications into play. Specifically, fixtures with these occupancy controls incorporate sensors that automatically turn lights on when a person enters the space, and automatically shuts off or dims them when they leave. This ensures that only active areas are lit, thus reducing energy usage.

XtraLight offers these features in a variety of lighting options for data centers, including:

XtraLight also offers recessed lighting for data centers with lower ceilings, as well as exterior and security/landscape options to prevent criminal activity.