Facility Executive | August 2017 Issue

The August 2017 issue features a focus on security, including cyber attacks, video surveillance, and strategic approaches. Plus, indoor air quality, fire safety, restrooms, pest control, energy efficiency, and more.

August 2017 IssueFacility Executive: August 2017

Volume 30, Number 4

Facility Retrofit: Toward Energy Goals | Part of a portfolio-wide effort, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, TN has reduced energy use by more than 20% since 2015.

Tech And FM: Virtual Threats That Are All Too Real | Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and complexity, and the responsibility to combat these is shared by all stakeholders.

The HVAC Factor: Concerned With Poor IAQ? | Occupant health and energy efficiency both benefit from practices that improve a building’s indoor air quality.

Effective Fire Sprinkler Pipe Inspections | Visual evaluation of these life safety components reveals only a partial picture of the facility’s readiness in case of emergency.

Restroom Management Meets The Modern Age | Advancements in technology help facility managers curtail complaints about missing supplies and unwelcome odors.

The Invisible Failure Of Facility Security Programs | To be truly effective, the framework must include both tactical and strategic components.

Security: The Eyes Have It | Video surveillance systems have undergone rapid technological developments in recent years.

Back In Fashion | Reopened in 2016, The Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC features an upscale design blended with its storied past.

Protecting Roofs From Severe Weather | When extreme conditions are on the way, a preventive maintenance plan pays off for facilities. Plus, maintaining geographically dispersed roofs may benefit from a centralized approach.

Time For Birds To Leave The Nest | As pest birds become more comfortable at a facility, it is increasingly difficult to expel them from the property.

Renewable Energy: Net Zero Energy For Buildings | Prices are coming down for the technologies that play a part in this clean energy goal.

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