Mobile Facilities Dashboards From ARC

New cloud-based dashboards support critical information management needs for healthcare, education, and government facilities teams.

ARC®, a leader in information management for the building lifecycle, has introduced cloud-based mobile dashboards to help facilities teams manage healthcare compliance, and emergency and life safety information. The dashboards help emergency response and management teams respond faster, improving productivity and increasing efficiency. The dashboards can be accessed on handheld devices, smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

ARC mobile dashboardThe ARC Emergency and Life Safety dashboard enables users to access all emergency response checklists and safety protocols. The dashboard provides access to evacuation plans, shut-off valves, safe harbor areas, floor plans, emergency maps, fire protection and emergency contacts. In addition, it includes incident-specific action plans for active shooters, fires, floods, bomb threats and other emergencies, which are particularly important for educational institutions and large campuses where student safety and civilian safety is of paramount importance.

“In emergency management, being able to access critical information from anywhere and share it with your team and first responders in minutes is crucial to mitigating loss and damage,” stated Brian Bailard, EVP and general manager for ARC Technology Solutions, a unit of ARC Document Solutions. “Most teams only have access to paper files, binders, or flipcharts. During an emergency, the one thing you’ll have in your pocket or purse is your phone, which would now have all emergency information available at your fingertips.”

To learn about the Emergency Life Safety mobile dashboard, visit the website or view a set of videos.

The ARC Healthcare Compliance mobile dashboard enables facilities managers in healthcare to immediately respond to compliance audits by agencies such as the Joint Commission and others. Access includes critical Environment of Care and Life Safety compliance documents, floor plans, policies and procedures. Features of the dashboard include the ability to track self-audit due dates, schedule vendors, set compliance mandate alerts, validate maintenance, testing and inspections.

“Forty to sixty percent of hospitals’ revenue comes from medicare and medicaid reimbursements. Being compliant is not optional, it’s mandatory,” stated Kumar Wiratunga, vice president at ARC Technology Solutions. “Compliant management of this documentation is a requirement that all healthcare facilities professionals must meet in order to maintain good standing with the federal government—and keeping up with all the requirements in a corresponding documentation is a monumental task. The ARC Healthcare Compliance dashboard solves this problem by providing mobile access to required compliance documents.”

To learn about the Healthcare Compliance mobile dashboard, visit the website or view a set of videos.