Honeywell Sensepoint XCL Gas Detector

Fixed-point gas leak detector designed to meet the needs of commercial and light industrial applications

The Sensepoint XCL from Honeywell is a Bluetooth-enabled fixed gas detector for commercial and light industrial applications. Users can set up and maintain the wall-mounted device using a smartphone app.

gas detectorThe Sensepoint XCL monitors for hazardous levels of specific gases such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, or methane, keeping operations and employees safe. When paired with a smartphone using a downloadable app, it allows a single installer to perform commissioning, maintenance, and management of the detector without requiring a second worker in a control room. The device also simplifies generating system reports needed for regulatory compliance.

“Commercial and industrial businesses rely on gas monitoring technology to keep people safe and operations running smoothly without interruption. Gas detectors that are easy to install, operate, and service save time and money,” said Duncan Gooch, product manager for Honeywell Industrial Safety. “Controlling the detector from a mobile device not only makes the devices easier to install and maintain, it allows users to quickly and easily produce reports needed to meet safety and environmental regulations.”

The Sensepoint XCL line of detectors are recommended for garages, parking areas, hospitals, boiler rooms, fuel stations, commercial kitchens, bus stations, warehouses, battery rooms, high-rise condominiums, loading bays, and other commercial-industrial operations. It is available as a flammable gas detector for the detection of potentially explosive gases, or as a toxic gas detector for the detection of a range of toxic gas hazards commonly found in commercial premises.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows users to install, commission, and maintain the Sensepoint XCL gas detector. The intuitive Honeywell Sensepoint XCL app guides set-up, calibration and testing, and maintenance, and generates test certificates, maintenance reports, and documentation.

Users pair the detector with their smartphone and then use the gas detector app to wirelessly perform tasks just as adjusting set points and checking fault codes—all from up to 33′ away. The app can be used to create a profile for the detector, choose alarm set points, run test procedures, and automatically generate a commissioning report, which users can send from their phone to other stakeholders or store for easy access in a safety inspection.

Sensepoint XCL is available with either mA loop analog output or Modbus RTU with the option for relays on both. It measures 4.4″ x 4.4″ x 2.3″ and weighs 1.1 pounds with a Polycarbonate casing in charcoal or white. Operating temperature is −4°F to 122°F and storage temperature is 32°F to 86°F, 0% to 99% humidity, non-condensing.

For a complete gas leak detection system, Sensepoint XCL partners with Touchpoint Plus, a configurable, easy-to-use controller for up to 16 channels of gas detection. It also works with other controllers and building automation systems.