The EUI Analyzer Tool From Seventhwave

This energy analysis tool from nonprofit firm Seventhwave helps facility executives set targets for energy use intensity (EUI) targets in their buildings.

Seventhwave, a nonprofit firm that provides energy efficiency engineering, education, research, and program delivery, introduced its EUI Analyzer Tool earlier this year. This online energy analysis tool is designed to to help building owners, facilities managers, and design teams establish energy use intensity (EUI) targets for the buildings they own, operate, and design. EUI is a number that expresses a building’s energy use as a function of its size. And, a low EUI generally signifies good energy analysis

This EUI Analyzer from Seventhwave compiles publicly available data on actual building performance alongside industry references. It supports EUI goal-setting for projects that integrate an energy performance target. With this knowledge, users can make informed decisions on their future and current building performance standards. The tool helps building professionals and their design firms understand actual building performance. Users can also filter data, add custom data points, and compare benchmarks.

energy analysisSeThe EUI Analyzer is available on the Seventhwave website along with other energy tools from the firm (free registration required). Facility executives can also find:

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Founded in 1989 and with 40 employees in Madison, WI and Chicago, IL, Seventhwave advances economic and environmental sustainability through research, engineering and education. The firm has expertise in determining the potential for energy savings in states and utility service areas and in designing programs and recommending technologies and approaches to help meet statewide energy efficiency goals.