Espen Technology Type B Emergency Driver

The VEMB20W overcomes the challenge of AC lamp input requirements compared to DC

Model number VEMB20W Type B Emergency Driver from Espen Technology is an emergency driver for Type B TLEDs. It overcomes the challenge of AC lamp input requirements, compared to DC.type B emergency driver

Since Type B TLEDs are wired directly to line voltage, these TLEDs with an internal driver do not require a fluorescent ballast to convert line voltage to DC current. When no external ballast is available to wire to, an auxiliary supply such as a generator or inverter must be used to provide emergency line power. Espen has developed an emergency solution to overcome this challenge.

The VEMB20W Type B Emergency Driver is a solution for Type B TLED emergency illumination. At 20 watts, it illuminates most TLEDs at full brightness and the test lead allows the user further peace of mind to ensure the driver is installed and operating correctly.

“Emergency drivers for Types A & C TLEDs have been around for some time, but there has been a gap in the market for a Type B Emergency Driver, for those who prefer to eliminate the fluorescent ballast from the system,” said John Clancy, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Espen. Clancy added, “This much needed product is one more reason that Espen leads the indoor linear retrofit market.”

The VEMB20W Type B Emergency Driver features a 90 minute emergency illumination time, a durable steel housing with 2′ conduit, Ni-Cad recharging technology, and a test switch. It is also UL listed for damp locations with an operating temperature range of -20°F to 130°F and comes with a five year warranty.