Suitable Technologies Reveals BeamPro 2

Cutting-edge functionality delivers productivity returns with an enhanced mobile telepresence experience.

Suitable Technologies Inc., creator of the industry-leading Beam family of telepresence systems, has introduced the BeamPro 2. This next-generation device offers advanced features that revolutionize communication within organizations. The BeamPro 2 will be available for purchase in Summer 2018.

BeamPro 2 telepresenceResponding to extensive customer feedback, the BeamPro 2 provides key benefits for both small organizations and Fortune 500 companies in all verticals including technology, education, manufacturing, and healthcare. By creating a more immersive robotic telepresence experience, BeamPro 2 encourages remote employees to “visit” and collaborate with colleagues in other locations around the globe more often, generating improved productivity, better user experiences, savings in time and travel costs and reduced environmental impact.

“BeamPro 2 has a modular mobile platform design, so it can be used as a reliable communication device for Beam telepresence meetings, as well as a platform for add-on accessories, which can enhance concepts such as virtual training, or remote patient care,” said Bo Preising, chief innovation officer of Suitable Technologies. “This is our newest product designed with the best audio, video, and mobility technology available. BeamPro 2 is the most advanced telepresence device on the market and it provides richer human interaction.”

Solving for the challenge of “feeling” like you are there, BeamPro 2 delivers the latest technology to create a remote telepresence experience that is incomparable. With the largest, multi-touch HD video screen on the market and physical capability for vertical screen height adjustment, the user can interact face-to-face with a much more human quality. Key features include:

  • Low-glare, Gorilla Glass 24-inch LCD display
  • Multi-touch capability
  • Dynamic vertical height adjustment of 10 inches
  • Ambient light sensors to adjust display to surrounding light

The BeamPro 2 can easily and safely maneuver in crowded spaces with the latest in navigation technology. Optional extra sensors combined with the ability to spin in place allows users to drive a BeamPro 2 through tight spaces that can be found in hospitals, specialty-care facilities, manufacturing floors, museums and classrooms.

High-quality super-wide angle cameras provide clear views of remote surroundings and enable an easier user experience that simplifies tasks such as viewing documentation on a table, inspecting components on a manufacturing line, or monitoring patient readings in any care setting. Advanced speakers and microphone array provide full, rich audio for interacting and communicating with on-site colleagues.

Key features include:

  • Two super-wide 12MP cameras streaming in full HD with 12x digital zoom
  • Multiple 3D depth cameras
  • Three speakers to provide a wider frequency range for lifelike sound
  • Fully digital microphone array featuring echo cancellation
  • Additional sensors for obstacle detection
  • Six wheels allowing stable movement and rotation in place

The BeamPro 2 is operated from enhanced software available on all mobile devices and computers, giving the user one-click access to the always-on telepresence device. The patented low-latency video algorithm ensures a high-quality natural conversation over wireless networks.

These new features join a patented multi-radio WiFi/LTE algorithm that ensures reliable connectivity wherever wireless Internet networks are available.