YKK AP Zero Sightline Window

Operable Vent Window for Structurally Silicone Glazed Curtain Wall

The YOV Structural Silicone Glazed (SSG) Operable Vent from YKK AP America Inc. is a thermally broken, zero sightline window designed for curtain wall systems. It enhances the aesthetics of a building without the large sightline of a traditional window, as it seamlessly blends with the surrounding framing system to become virtually invisible when viewed from the exterior.zero sightline window

The YOV SSG Operable Vent improves occupant comfort with high thermal performance and an intentional design to provide optimum natural ventilation and natural light. It is suitable for high-rise, multi-family hotels as well as schools and offices in new or retrofit constructions.

“Across the industry we are seeing a greater desire for a clean, modern aesthetic without sacrificing the high energy and structural performance that is so critical in today’s construction. We designed the YOV SSG Operable Vent to provide the best of both worlds,” said Gary Flemming, business manager, commercial window products, YKK AP America Inc. “Its seamless appearance of a fixed window rivals any zero sightline window on the market today, and its thermal performance properties ensure an efficient, comfortable space for occupants. We are proud of this latest addition to our commercial window offering, and will continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of architects and glazing contractors.”

The YOV SSG Operable Vent is versatile for a wide range of applications. Structural silicone, glass, triple gaskets, and thermal isolators work together to provide high thermal performance, without a traditional thermal break. The zero sightline window accepts 1″ insulating glass and can be field-glazed or shop-glazed into a four-sided SSG curtain wall or any two-sided vertical combination of SSG or captured systems. It can be triple-glazed and provides an integral Venetian blind option.

The YOV SSG Operable Vent comes in multiple configurations, including Casement Out or Project Out, and many YKK AP hardware options are available, including stainless steel hinges and bronze locking hardware, to achieve the desired look for the building. Tinted glass is recommended for the best aesthetic results. Frame depth is 2¾”.

The YOV SSG Operable Vent provides ventilation that meets the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) through Zone 6 with standard Low E (U = 0.39 COG), which can be used for smoke evacuation, egress, and as a source of fresh air for HVAC systems. In addition to thermal performance and condensation resistance, the YOV SSG Vent also provides AW 70 architectural performance. AW 100 performance can be achieved with the Project Out configuration using the proper VMPL hardware.