LED Plug In Bulbs From EarthTronics

The two new bulb designs — linear and downlight — expand EarthTronics family of Plug In LED bulbs.

LED retrofit
EarthTronics 2 pin vertical Plug In LED

New horizontal and vertical LED products offer cost-effective, energy saving solutions for the replacement of standard compact fluorescent plug-in lamps during a LED retrofit project. EarthTronics has introduced its new, multi-functional “plug-in” LED bulbs (PLED) designed to replace pin-based compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) in a variety of popular applications including general office, medical, and hospitality.

The two new designs, linear and downlight, round out the EarthTronics family of PLED bulbs.

The new linear PLED emits light from the entire length of the lamp with a 180° beam angle. Designed to be horizontally mounted in recessed ceiling fixtures and illuminated using one or two plug-in lamps, its base is built with a swivel to direct the light down. This lamp is also accepted in wall sconces where a 180° beam angle is required.

The downlight was designed for vertical applications for fixtures where the plug-in lamp socket is mounted at the top of the fixture. All light is emitted from the end of the lamp in a downlight pattern providing for maximum fixture efficiency.

These PLEDs are multifunctional because the 4-pin models can be used on existing 13, 18 and 26 watt electronic CFL ballasts. They are manufactured in two wattages, 9 and 12 watt, producing 800 and 1100 lumens, respectively. A high 80+ CRI is standard on all lamp and color choices include 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. Both wattages are also available in 2-pin configuration for uses on magnetic CFL ballasts. The 2-pin lamps may also be used on 120VAC line voltage to eliminate any ballast losses for increased efficiency.

EarthTronics has noted that its Plug-In LED Lamps meet DLC 4.2 requirements and may be accepted for utility rebates in many markets.