SiteHawk QuickSCAN SDS Mobile App

Environment Health & Safety (EHS) Industry Leader Provides Mobile Access to Safety Data Sheets

QuickSCAN™ from SiteHawk is an SDS mobile app. It integrates mobile technology with chemical data to connect users to safety data sheets from mobile devices with web access.SDS mobile app

SiteHawk understands that to maintain compliance and enhance safety, employers face diverse needs across organizations and within facilities. QuickSCAN delivers flexible, innovative solutions to meet these needs by providing mobile access to SDSs anytime and anywhere.

The QuickSCAN mobile application enables users to scan QuickSCAN codes that have been generated through SiteHawk Communicator and placed on secondary container labels or used in product documentation which, when scanned, return the safety data sheet for the labeled material. Users simply open the app, scan the QR code, and access the SDS. In addition, users can easily e-mail, text, or save SDSs to the mobile device.

Once the QuickSCAN code is scanned, the application directs a user’s mobile device browser to the URL where that material’s SDS is stored in a facility’s notebook. Users can then view that document like they would any other on their device. Document pages can be scrolled, viewed in landscape, expanded for easier reading or touched and held to open the magnifying feature for easier reading as well.

The QuickSCAN SDS mobile app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store and is the industry’s fastest way to access and distribute SDSs for chemicals and products.

“For over 20 years, SiteHawk has helped businesses educate and protect their employees by driving safer, smarter workplaces. With innovative technology and industry expertise, we’ve provided a mobile tool to help organizations deliver access to data when it’s needed most.” Kimberley Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, SiteHawk.