TCW210-TH Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

The Teracom device can monitor up to eight 1-Wire and/or MODBUS connected temperature, humidity and/or dew point sensors at a time.

TCW210-TH is a remote temperature and humidity data logger from Teracom LTD with Ethernet interface for communication. Real-time data and charts of temperature, humidity, and dew point can be monitored with a standard web browser (no special software is needed). Easy to configure, it allows users to create and monitor a remote network of sensors for applications such as data center and SOHO environment monitoring, cold chain (delivery trucks, distribution, storage centers, retail stores), medical products storage and transport, and industrial processes data logger

Each TCW210-TH can monitor up to eight temperature and/or temperature-humidity sensors of various brands and types (up to 24 different parameters each) via either 1-Wire interface and/or the more robust MODBUS RTU over RS485. For example, four sensors can connect via MODBUS and another four can connect via 1-Wire, all at the same time.

“Our new TCW210-TH data logger device has a very intuitive setup process and is so easy to configure that most customers will never need to open up the manual,” says Ognyan Dimitrov, CEO of Teracom. “The humidity and temperature records can be monitored on the web interface of the device. There is no need for special software and conversions—you only need a standard web browser like Chrome, IE, or Firefox.”

data loggerUtilizing an Ethernet interface for web and network connectivity, the TCW210-TH monitors real time data for temperature, humidity, and dew point, and records all monitored parameters using internal flash memory. The records can be made on set time intervals and/or on alarm conditions. The capacity of memory allows at least 36 days logged with data recorded once every minute. The log file can periodically be uploaded on a dedicated server by HTTP Post.

The TCW210-TH is supported by Android and iOS applications, as well as by Teracom’s remote and monitoring software TC Monitor, which provides a free license for up to 10 items. The data logger utilizes a circular buffer in flash memory (up to 70,000 records). Once full, the new data overwrites the oldest. In this manner flash memory can store a full log all the time. For security reasons, there is not a command to clear the log. A copy of the full log is always available for download.

The TCW210-TH can initiate a connection (HTTP Post) to remote dedicated servers. The payloads of this post are XML or JSON files. Standard protocols as SNMP, MODBUS TCP/IP, and HTTP API are also available for M2M applications. TCW210-TH also supports communication with ThingSpeak servers. Four different parameters (channels) can be processed simultaneously.