Wireless plumbing leak protection and water main shutoff

The RS-360 is a wireless plumbing leak detection and water main shutoff system.

The RS-360 is a wireless plumbing leak detection and water main shutoff system.

RDT RS-360 Provides Plumbing Leak Protection

Plumbing Leak Detection & Water Main Shutoff System

Wireless plumbing leak protection and water main shutoff

The RS-360 from Reliance Detection Technologies (RDT) is a wireless plumbing leak protection and water main shutoff system. When one of the sensors comes in contact with water, the unit will automatically shut off the water supply and sound an audible alarm, limiting or preventing extensive water damage. It will then send a signal to a building automation or security system. Dual function sensors monitor for both plumbing leaks and near-freezing temperatures. Standard valve sizes are 3/4″ to 4″.

Dual-function sensors monitor for moisture and low temperature to detect heightened risk of pipes freezing; if the temperature dips to 45° the valve will close. There is a 100′ wireless signal range between the wireless sensors and receiver (dependent upon local structural conditions); each system can accommodate up to 78 additional sensors. A Custom Range Finding feature on the sensors ensures robust wireless coverage from the start and eliminates installer callbacks.

The RS-360 has clear LED indicator lights for wireless signal strength, lost wireless communication, and low battery, at both the receiver and the relevant sensor. Output contacts interface with a security/automation system, control panel, building automation system, or RDT’s cellular text notification (SensorSays) or Auto Dialer accessories. The plumbing leak protection product provides remote manual valve override control, multiple self-monitoring features to ensure that the system is always ready, and a closed-loop RF system to keep the system working even when power and Wi-Fi are lost.

The RS-360 is easy to install and requires no electrical wiring. The onboard battery backup provides up to 48 hours of ongoing protection during a power outage; the valve will close before the battery backup is exhausted. The RS-360 Kit includes a receiver, two wireless sensors, a full-port, lead-free (ANSI 61/Annex G) valve (3/4″ to 4″), two AAA batteries, and one 12V Gel Cell battery. Optional accessories and add-ons are also available.

A Satellite Sensor Wire Rope Kit can be used in conjunction with the wireless sensor for hard-to-reach locations, discreet sensing where aesthetics are key, or where perimeter coverage is preferable. Cellular Text Notification by SensorSays provides an automatic cellular SMS text message the instant a water or low temperature fault is detected. Users can create customized alert messages and send them to up to three recipients. The Auto Dialer is available for land line-generated phone call alerts to up to nine numbers.

Also optional for the plumbing leak protection system are Extra Wireless Sensors; a Wireless Signal Repeater (one per receiver) that works to triangulate wireless signals around interferences; a Cable Adder for positioning of the receiver further away from the valve; and a Water Switch, a hard-wired or wireless wall switch that allows users to manually override system functionality and close the valve to shut off water flow.

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