Maars Living Walls To Unveil AXES

AXES doors pivot on axis points to become acoustic wall system; will be introduced at NeoCon 2018.

Maars Living Walls, the NeoCon-award-winning global designer and manufacturer of acoustic walls and doors, will unveil a groundbreaking new product at NeoCon 2018: AXES, steel-finish doors that pivot on axis points to become an acoustic wall system.

Maars Living WallsAXES was developed with highly innovative and patented architectural standards, resulting in an access system with “invisible” doors, minimalist design and excellent acoustic performance. The revolutionary system is ideal for education, office, healthcare and other environments that require unimpeded access, the flexibility of both open and private spaces, and acoustic performance.

“Dividing spaces will never be the same,” said Maars CEO Menno de Vries. “AXES is an elegant, minimalist solution that enables seamless transition from one space to another while also defining and creating the space itself. It’s the intersection between closed and open environments.”

AXES is the plural form of the word “axis.” In keeping with this plurality, AXES can be specified as a series of pivoting doors depending on need. AXES is also a play on the word “access.” Because AXES doors pivot as opposed to slide, access between spaces is physically and visually seamless – unimpeded by tracks on the floor or ceiling. AXES is ADA compliant.

Maars Living WallsDeveloped by Maars’ R&D team and third-party-lab tested, AXES’ patent-pending pivot construction offers three pre-defined positions for the doors, which let the user determine how the doors are placed and used – in other words, enabling an open, semi-private or private environment. When fully closed, the AXES doors form a wall that provides an acoustic rating of up to 48 STC (Sound Transmission Class) as tested by an independent laboratory.

An expert in acoustics, Maars specializes in STC performance and leads in global markets for acoustic walls, sliding doors and related products. Maars has developed more than 100 acoustic walls and door types that have been tested not only in its own lab but also tested and certified by independent laboratories.

“AXES answers the demand for spaces that need to be defined and transformed by the user. Although open-space environments have been trending for a number of years, we’ve seen more requirements for private spaces. AXES gives users the power to interact with and immediately change their environment depending on their need, which is critical to productivity,” said Robert Craven, Maars Living Walls USA managing director.

AXES integrates beautifully with SQAPE – the Best of NeoCon® Gold award-winning steel architectural wall system introduced by Maars in 2017 – as well as with other award-winning Maars products. Each Maars system is a celebration of sublimity and minimalism where unnecessary lines and details are either hidden or eliminated.

AXES is a relocatable architectural system that can be specified for new construction and existing spaces. AXES also can be an alternative to traditional dry wall, creating more design options for the built environment. AXES is made of environmentally friendly steel; the walls can help contribute to LEED, WELL and BREEAM standards.

“We co-create with architects and designers to produce environments that inspire,” de Vries said.

NeoCon attendees are invited to experience AXES in the Maars Living Walls showroom at NeoCon June 11-13 in Space 7-5030, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago.