STI Firestop Locator Application

Cuts Firestop Tracking Time and Allows Teams to Collaborate in Real Time

Specified Technologies, Inc. (STI) has launched the Firestop Locator Application. Users can document, track, and inspect all of their firestop items from a phone, tablet, or desktop with fully interactive floor drawings.firestop locator

“This new app allows the user to easily import plan view drawings and achieve a fully interactive experience pinpointing specific firestop locations to streamline the firestop tracking process,” said David Samuel, Software Developer Lead for STI. “In fact, it can reduce that time to under a minute.”

The Firestop Locator Application helps installers, contractors, designers, architects, and facilities teams to quickly track penetration firestop systems, construction joints, and doors and dampers. It allows full collaboration for all team members with notification updates when connected to the internet. The app also can be utilized offline or in a remote location of the building with a weak connection or no connection. Once available, users can simply reconnect to the internet and the app updates all of the new content.

firestop locator“It was important for us to develop a program that speaks to all team members in real time,” Vice President & General Manager, Engineering and Emerging Businesses for STI, James P. Stahl Jr., CFPS, CDT. “To comply with the International Building Code, Section 1704.2.4, as well as ASTM E2174 and E2393, it is imperative that the facilities team, contractor, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction have immediate information shared within 24 hours of any deficiencies found during inspection. Our program will digest these updates and send out notifications at the end of the same day.”

Notifications are just some of the tools offered as part of the Firestop Locator Application. “Our app also includes a robust number of detailed reports, such as Corrective Action Reports,” Stahl continued. “It’s very important for teams to have a high level of transparency. Even the labels to be placed at the firestop locations contain a preprinted QR code accessible to all team members.”

Firestop Locator is available through app stores and is compatible with both iOS and Android.