GM Focuses On Lighting For Energy Conservation

General Motors is working with Starco Lighting to help reduce lighting-related energy consumption across its global facilities.

As part of its efforts to reduce energy and carbon intensity by 20 percent from its 2010 baseline by 2020, General Motors is working with Starco Lighting to help reduce its lighting-related energy consumption across its global facilities. Since 2015, the automaker has worked with Starco to install tubular LED (TLED) lighting across 21 manufacturing and non-manufacturing facilities around the world, generating more than $3 million in annual energy cost savings.

Starco Lighting
Alfred Hildreth, Global Energy Manager, General Motors (left) and Starco
Chief Business Officer John Calabro. (Photo: Starco Lighting)

“For the past three years, Starco has helped us realize increased energy efficiency and cost savings across our global facilities,” said Alfred Hildreth, global energy manager at General Motors. “Starco has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our broader goal of reducing energy intensity to achieve a more sustainable future, offering retrofit solutions that fit the different needs of our facilities around the world.”

Recently, General Motors installed over 25,000 Starco lamps at the company’s Renaissance Center headquarters. The automaker plans to retrofit other facilities with Starco’s TLEDs with capital spending using internal funds and energy performance contracting.

“Our efficacy (lumens per watt), superior L90 product life, appearance and complete product line were all items where we excelled over some other suppliers,” said Starco Chief Business Officer John Calabro. “We are excited to continue to collaborate with General Motors to help them with their energy conservation ambitions.”

Since becoming a General Motors global approved supplier, Starco products have been installed in 21 manufacturing and non-manufacturing warehouse sites, office buildings, and plants. Vehicle assembly plants include:

Starco Lighting
(Photo: Starco Lighting)
  • Orion Assembly, MI
  • Detroit Hamtramck Assembly, MI
  • Lansing Delta Township Assembly, MI
  • Flint Truck Assembly, MI
  • Fairfax Assembling, KS
  • Spring Hill Manufacturing, TN
  • Lordstown Complex, OH
  • CAMI Automotive, Canada

Other GM facilities that installed Starco Lighting products include:

  • Metal stamping plants in Parma, OH and Marion, IN
  • Components plants in Grand Rapids and Brownstown, MI and Lockport, NY
  • Engine and transmission manufacturing plants in Toledo, OH and Romulus, MI
  • Warehouses in Howell and Grand Blanc, MI
  • Office and training centers in Alpharetta, GA

Starco Lighting offers 13W and 15W 4-foot TLEDs at 140 lumens per watt (LPW) that are ideal for office areas. The company also offers 18W, 22W and 28W 4 ft. tubes, suitable for industrial and commercial task lighting and high bay applications. To complement its line of TLEDs, Starco offers several different TLED enclosures to house their TLED solutions. This includes different types of occupancy-controlled high bays, linear lights and office troffers. Starco’s warranty covers its TLED lines for up to eight years. Due to its vertically integrated structure, Starco Lighting has the ability to manufacture custom TLEDs including TLEDs with any color temperature, tube length, and lumen output for its customers.