Sharpie PRO Permanent Markers

Adheres to the toughest jobsite surfaces, perfect for tradesmen, construction workers, and contractors

Sharpie® PRO permanent markers from Sharpie® boldly adhere to the toughest jobsite surfaces. Tradesmen need a marker that can perform on the jobsite, but other options available today are not designed for tough materials and rough conditions.permanent markers

Sharpie PRO have extra ridging for easy grip in work gloves or with dirty hands and have an anti-roll barrel shape to combat uneven surfaces. The new and innovative permanent markers are made with optimized ink that will mark on any surface, including wet, oily, dusty, and abrasive. The new capabilities allow long lasting, bold marks for clear labeling. The quick-drying ink is fade and water resistant with no possibility of smudging or wiping away, which ultimately leads to a safer work environment.

The Sharpie PRO line includes three sizes—Fine, Chisel, and XL Chisel. Each size comes in three colors: black, red, and blue. Chisel tips make it easy to label tools, write on concrete, mark equipment, and more.