Kemper GreatSeal PE-150 Joint Sealant

Provides a long lasting, weathertight seal and bonds to a variety of substrates

GreatSeal® PE-150 from Kemper System America, Inc. is a single component, multipurpose interior and exterior joint sealant for use in both moving and non-moving joint applications. It is suitable for sealing joints in roofing, walls, siding, concrete, and masonry, as well as in gaps around penetrations, flashings, windows, and doors.joint sealant

GreatSeal PE-150 contains no solvents and very low VOCs (18.26 gr/liter). This unique polymer will bond to damp surfaces and provide a long-lasting weather tight seal. It bonds aggressively to a variety of building substrates, including wood, vinyl, glass, fiberglass, foam insulation, asphalt, modified bitumen, EPDM, PVC, PIB rubber, and Kynar® coatings, as well as painted, galvanized, and anodized metals.

Available in White, Off White, Stone, Gray, Tan, Bronze, Black, and Redwood, this polyether, multipurpose joint sealant can be applied on damp surfaces and in cold weather—and in most cases, without a primer. It has a service range of -40°F to 200°F with movement capability of +/- 25% and zero shrinkage. Tensile strength is 149 psi, shear strength is 150 psi per ASTM D-1002, and elongation is 344% per ASTM D-0412.

GreatSeal PE-150 is ready to use and requires no mixing or preparation. A quality caulking gun should be used to ensure ease of application. Wet sealant may be cleaned up or removed using a solvent such as xylene. Cured GreatSeal PE-150 may be removed by abrading or scraping the material from the substrate. The joint sealant typically skins within 45 minutes and cures through in three to seven days, depending upon the temperature and humidity. Lower temperatures and lower humidity prolong the cure times of the GreatSeal PE-150 material.

The GreatSeal brand also includes GreatSeal LF-500 Liquid Flashing compatible with Roof Guardian® elastomer-based roofing products, and GreatSeal LT-100 polyether Liquid Tape compatible with Wall Guardian® FW-100A, a liquid-applied fibered acrylic air barrier. All three brands are in the STS Coatings line, acquired by Kemper System America in 2016.