Nordeon’s Strada LED pendant

Contemporary, cylindrical, and suitable for myriad interior applications

Strada from Nordeon USA is a sleek, cylindrical LED pendant that can be used individually (Strada solo pendant) or combined to form a continuous row (Strada system). Its uniform light distribution is suited for a range of interior applications, including offices, libraries, retail, laboratories, common areas, and supermarkets.LED pendant

Strada is pendant mounted with stainless steel aircraft cables and is adjustable. It delivers uniform light output around the luminaire profile, illuminating both horizontal areas such as floors and vertical planes with a 270° beam angle. Color temperatures may be warm or neutral at 3000K or 4000K, respectively, with a CRI greater than 80 and a lamp life of 50,000 hours. A Universal LED driver allows an input voltage range from 120V to 277V at 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz. Options include 0V to 10V dimming on request.

LED pendantStrada Solo is offered as a single fixture or a continuous row can be created with the Strada System. The System consists of lengths up to 9′ that can be connected. Each row consists of a start (ST) module and extension (EXT) modules for easy installation. The LED pendant fixture has an aluminum body and end caps with a matte acrylic lens and comes in four lengths—3.7′ with 16 watts and 2,200 lumens; 4.6′ with 20 watts and 2,750 lumens; 5.5′ with 23 watts and 3,500 lumens; and 9.2′ with 30 watts and 5,700 lumens. Luminous efficacy can reach 140 lm/W.