Hydro Systems FM-800 Flush Manifold

Minimizes leak points and optimizes safety by fully flushing chemical products to the washer

The FM-800 Flush Manifold from Hydro Systems, an independent manufacturer of chemical proportioning and dispensing systems, is for commercial laundry and similar applications. The series minimizes leak points and is designed to optimize safety and reliability by completely flushing chemical products to the washer.flush manifold

The FM-800 Flush Manifold transfers liquid laundry products from the dispenser to the washer using water flow via a single discharge tube.

“Delivering incomplete chemical dosages due to leaks or inadequate water supply is a big concern for laundries. It can impact safety, waste chemical, and produce poor cleaning results, all of which negatively affect the entire business,” said John Goetz, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems. “Our FM-800 series safely mixes and accurately delivers liquid laundry chemicals and water to the washer without leaks over the life of the install.”

The FM-800 is a single unit comprised of a molded CPVC manifold body and an integrated electronics enclosure which reduces its overall footprint. The unit features a proven flow switch that confirms adequate water is flowing before allowing any chemical dosing to occur. This prevents incompatible chemical mixing and ensures that cleaning results won’t be impacted by water-supply issues. The flush manifold also features reliable, threaded connections that are less prone to leaking and do not rely on washers or O-rings to maintain a seal.

The FM-800 can accommodate between two and eight chemical products. The unit simplifies installation with straight and 90° hose barbs using a push-to-connect interface. The modularity of this flush manifold enhances flexibility with longer lead wires and allows for expansion over time as facilities grow. Hydro Systems has published the FM-800 maximum temperature (140°F) and pressure ratings (85 pounds per square inch) to ensure the unit is properly used and maintained.

The FM-800 is compatible with all Hydro controllers, including Eclipse and Total Eclipse.