2019 SOLUTIONS For FM: Mercury Security Offers An Open Access Control Platform

The LP Series Intelligent Controllers from Mercury Security provides a next generation advanced access control platform. The company’s President, Matt Barnette, elaborates on its capabilities.

Facilities leaders and their teams are continuously on the lookout for innovative solutions. With that in mind, this SOLUTIONS 2019 feature highlights products and services poised to deliver results in various aspects of facility operations. The recent issue of Facility Executive magazine included a selection of solutions for 2019, and featured here is a new product from Mercury Security:

LP Series Intelligent Controllers (Linux-platform)

Facility Executive: What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2019?

Mercury Security: The new Authentic Mercury LP Series Intelligent Controllers are Mercury Security’s next generation advanced access control platform that runs on embedded Linux. The enhanced platform offers an improved processor and increased memory, plus features an embedded crypto memory chip that provides a secured layer of encryption to onboard sensitive data. Built on the Authentic Mercury open platform, LP Series controllers provide the necessary flexibility for OEMs, channel partners, and end customers to choose the controller configuration that best fits their needs.

Mercury Security
Mercury Security introduces LP Series Intelligent Controllers (Linux Platform)

Shown here with Matt Barnette, President of Mercury Security, the LP4502 supports a variety of extended features including High Assurance Credential Authentication and complies with the BACnet IP communication protocol. A USB-to-Ethernet IP adapter provides a redundant host IP connection. It has direct hardware support for two openings and can scale to 64 access points. Built on proven Authentic Mercury hardware, this high-performance intelligent controller embeds elevator destination dispatch and provides integrated power management analytics to proactively detect failure before it occurs.

For end-users seeking a comprehensive and open access control platform, increased user capacity, and a reliable hardware platform running an expanded set of applications, the LP4502 is the clear solution. It delivers a complete security and access control solution as well as innovative application extensions, interoperability, and data security.

Facility Executive: How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

Mercury Security: The facility management market is showing continued adoption of open platforms, since systems based on open standards will be the key for ensuring flexibility, increased ROI, and scalability for end-user organizations throughout the lifecycle of their access control system. The open model drives innovation and adoption of the latest technologies in access control to meet the constantly changing needs of end-user organizations, including the need to incorporate building automation and other smart building capabilities into a single, streamlined infrastructure as more connected environments become the norm.

As a result, end-users are selecting Mercury’s industry-leading solutions that are optimized to meet the full range of customer requirements in today’s dynamic market. Mercury’s solutions are enabled by open architecture, which has become the de facto feature that is used to judge the extensibility of systems and ability to support a range of standards (including OSDP and BACnet, PSIA, MQTT and numerous networking standards). Access control systems based on Mercury’s truly open hardware provide the stepping stone for streamlined integration and scalability, especially in smarter and more connected environments.

In a follow up interview, Matt Barnette, President of Mercury Security, provided further insight into the features of LP Series Intelligent Controllers, its impact on facility management, and related facilities trends. Click below to listen.