Compact machine helps remove dust particles and contaminants

Compact machine electronically charges the air in a room to quickly bring dust particles and contaminants to the floor.
Compact machine electronically charges the air in a room to quickly bring dust particles and contaminants to the floor.

ION4K Removes Dust Particles

National Flooring Equipment releases clean air companion machine to improve safety on-site

Compact machine helps remove dust particles and contaminants

Surface preparation equipment manufacturer, National Flooring Equipment, has released the ION4K to help create a safer environment for contractors and workers. This compact machine electronically charges the air in a room, bringing dust particles and other contaminants down to the ground quickly and efficiently.dust particles

Working on job sites where airborne dust is present can have health implications for contractors. This includes the risk of silicosis, a respiratory condition caused by the inhalation of silica dust. With increasing concern for health and safety, it’s key that contractors and project managers consider taking extra precautions when carrying out work.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has already put regulations in place to protect workers on job sites where dust is present, but more can be done to ensure the safety and efficient cleanup of dust particles.

ION4K can be used during demolition and renovation projects, particularly on job sites that require fast and extensive cleanups. This includes schools, hospitals, and airports, where there is likely to be high footfall soon after the job is completed.

“The ION4K pulls the dust from the air to the ground over a range of 260 to 2,000 cubic yards, creating safer, cleaner working conditions,” said Connie Johnson, VP of marketing for National Flooring Equipment. “It takes safety to the next level, minimizing exposure to dust particles for both workers and customers when they re-enter the space.”

The machine features a multi-speed fan, which is flexible for varying job sites, as well as locking caster wheels and sturdy handles for easy transportation and maneuvering. Its simple control panel, which requires minimal input from the user allows more time to be spent on other tasks, increasing the speed at which the job can be completed.

The 300 watt, single-phase ION4K measures 20.5″ W x 28.7″ H x 25.2″ L and weighs 132.3 pounds.

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