Enhanced event management communications software

The newly designed Ambit Event Management Communications Software is being showcased at ISC West 2019 (booth #6065).

The newly designed Ambit Event Management Communications Software is being showcased at ISC West 2019 (booth #6065).

Ambit Event Management Communications

Maxxess Systems’ enhanced cloud-based managed messaging service enables vital communications between organizations and their people

Enhanced event management communications software

Ambit™ Event Management Communications Software from Maxxess Systems has been newly designed. Its communications capabilities provide security management and first responders with real-time “human intelligence” via users’ smartphone and tablets, along with a host of remote access control and geo-tracking capabilities, enabling better management of daily operations and potentially threatening events.

event management communications“Even the best technology-driven systems cannot replace human intelligence to best manage people and events across numerous locations. Ambit resolves this longstanding challenge by providing a highly-intuitive solution that bridges the gap between users, an organization’s management team, and first responders, improving overall safety and security,” said Nancy Islas, President of Maxxess Systems.

By integrating with a facility’s access control system, Ambit can unlock doors manually or even automatically based on user designated permissions to remotely grant access to individuals or implement system-wide lockdowns when necessary. This Event Management Communications Software also allows messages to be broadcast to all users, select groups, or individuals, with the ability for designated users in the field to also send mass notifications. Users can also request location tracking to help security and first responders respond to incidents more quickly and accurately. A “see it and say it” application also allows any user to report abnormalities or potentially dangerous situations from their personal mobile devices.

The newly designed Ambit features a new app design for easier operation including a new status update window; an easily accessible panic button; support for multiple photos from the field; the ability to assign reports to designated groups and/or individuals; enhanced filtering for target audiences to receive mass broadcasts; NC4 integration to external intelligence software to enhance information gathering; auto location detection for event status posts; and a texting option for users without the app to receive relevant mass broadcasts.

A cloud-based solution, Ambit can be deployed as a stand-alone communications platform, or as a core component of Maxxess’ InSite™ Awareness and Response Coordination System or eFusion™ Security Management Software.

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