Phones With Enhanced Weather Protection

Select Viking products are now available with extra defense against mother nature and other hazards

Viking Electronics offers Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) on select products for extra defense against mother nature and other hazards. Some emergency and entry phone applications demand more shelter. Phones that are mounted outdoors, exposed to precipitation, condensation, vehicle exhaust, or corrosive atmosphere like salty air near the ocean, all need an extra measure of weather and corrosion resistance.enhanced weather protection

EWP phones have internally-sealed push button switches, trim pots, and DIP switches so users can adjust microphone and speaker volumes and set programming features right at the installation site. The connections at the push button switch, microphone, and LED are hand sealed using a special non-corrosive sealant. A special microphone boot acts as a shield against water penetration. A mylar speaker is used with a foam rubber mounting gasket. Closed cell foam gasketing is used behind the front panels to prevent water penetration.

The entire board is potted in a clear flexible urethane or amber thermoplastic encapsulating material leaving the internally sealed field-adjustable trim pots and DIP switches accessible. The potting material allows the circuit board and it’s components to expand and contract, while maintaining weather resistance. To protect the tip and ring connections, connectors filled with anti-corrosive sealing gel are included.

Urethane or thermoplastic potting material maintains flexibility at low temperatures, offers electrical insulation and hydrolytic stability (no shrinkage), is unaffected by moisture at high temperatures (thermal cycling ability), and is low stress on sensitive components.

Enhanced Weather Protection products are designed to meet an Ingress Protection Rating of IP66