Live Moss Wellness Walls From Verdure

Using biomimicry, the Moss Walls system uses flowing water, misters, fans, and specialized lighting to create an idyllic environment for live moss... and a healthy workplace.

Modern facilities managers have pressure from every angle. But with the growing demand and awareness for healthy work environments, improved productivity, and employee retention, none seems more pressing than a happy and healthy workplace.

healthy workplaceFor most facilities managers this means they need to focus on adding amenities like “re- charge” rooms where employees can relax and become re-energized, improving indoor air quality, and also simply providing a more naturalized and desirable environment in which employees, staff, patients, and/or students can improve their indoor living experience.

Human beings now spend 90% of their time indoors, and the quality of the air we breath and the visual and auditory experiences that make up our surroundings have been proven in many studies to have a significant impact upon our overall health and sense of well being.

Verdure is the first and only LIVE moss ecosystem. Using biomimicry, Moss Walls has created a unique system that makes use of flowing water, misters, fans, and specialized lighting to create the idyllic environment for live moss. In turn, this moss and mist do a rather phenomenal job of cleansing and oxygenating the air while greatly enhancing visuals and ambiance.

The stainless steel units come fully assembled and are easily set up within about an hour. Maintenance is minimal – just keep the 30 gallon water basin at the bottom periodically topped off with water. Multiple units can be seamlessly joined to create larger walls.

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