Electrical wall boxes with gangable design

Electrical wall boxes with gangable design for data, audio/video, and power applications.

Electrical wall boxes with gangable design for data, audio/video, and power applications.

RACO Electrical Wall Boxes

Gangable Wall Boxes for Data, Audio/Video, and Power Applications

Electrical wall boxes with gangable design

RACO, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, provides electrical products to commercial, institutional, and residential markets. The company is introducing a set of electrical wall boxes designed for data, audio/video, and power applications. A gangable design provides additional design and installation flexibility.electrical wall boxes

RACO’s new steel data/AV boxes are 4″ deep and include concentric 1″ to 2″ knockouts to facilitate pre-terminated cables and bends in optical fiber cable. The two-gang 985 model and the three-gang 986 model can be installed independently or ganged together to handle any number of devices. Also offered is the 989 low voltage partition.

electrical wall boxesThe design provides NEMA spaced device mounting for a consistent appearance using industry standard wall plates. Additional eccentric ½” to 3/4″ knockouts provide additional wiring flexibility. A raised ground screw in each gang offers proper grounding regardless of what services are brought into each gang of the box. Adjustable stud mounting brackets allow these new boxes to accommodate different stud and sheetrock thicknesses. Built-in far side support handles any stud sizes.

These electrical wall boxes are suitable for delivering data, AV, and power side by side and are suitable for applications using high performance Category 6 and 6A cables.

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