Don’t Stall: Voting For America’s Best Restroom Ends Friday!

You can still cast your vote in Cintas' annual contest that recognizes businesses that invest in clean, creative, and memorable public restrooms.
You can still cast your vote in Cintas' annual contest that recognizes businesses that invest in clean, creative, and memorable public restrooms.

Don’t Stall: Voting For America’s Best Restroom Ends Friday!

You can still cast your vote in Cintas' annual contest that recognizes businesses that invest in clean, creative, and memorable public restrooms.

Don’t Stall: Voting For America’s Best Restroom Ends Friday!

Make your voice heard in this year’s America’s Best Restroom® contest before it’s too late! Cintas Corporation has selected 10 finalists and the public is invited to vote for their favorite restroom now through Sept. 13. The annual contest recognizes businesses that invest in clean, creative, and memorable public restrooms.

The loo at J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel, FL was voted America’s Best Restroom in 2018.

“From Seattle to South Carolina, the public is going wild for the contest finalists to determine this year’s America’s Best Restroom winner,” said Sean Mulcahey, Marketing Manager, Cintas. “The excitement around the finalists demonstrates that the public truly values well-maintained restrooms that leave a positive, lasting impression.”

Last year’s winner, the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Sanibel, FL received the most votes for its wild restrooms that feature tarpon, otter, osprey, and sea turtle sculptures, providing an underwater wildlife illusion.

The 2019 America’s Best Restroom finalists include:

Butcher and the Brewer – Cleveland, OH: The atmosphere at Butcher and the Brewer is unique, including its restrooms. The restrooms feature a common entryway. A green subway-tiled accent wall pops against a white communal sink which is centered between private stalls with men’s stalls on the right, women on the left.

Jianna Restaurant – Greenville, SC: Each of the four single-user washrooms embrace different visions that come to mind of Italian culture with distinctive personality and flair. Picture an old-world town square with cobblestone streets and rustic charm, another that reflects Italy’s beautiful seacoast and the fresh salt air. While one transports you to sipping delicious local limoncello and finally the last conjures up images of racy red sports cars on winding hairpin roads. All materials including tile, wallcovering, accessories and lighting were specifically chosen to reflect the character of each space to transport the guest to their own Italian daydream.

Jupiter Next – Portland, OR: The restrooms at this Portland hotel include seven stalls with floor-to-ceiling, gray stone-paneled walls. The stalls are arranged in a semicircle around a trough-style shared sink. Other features include gold faucets and candelabra light fixtures with soft, dim lighting.

La Belle Helene – Charlotte, NC: La Belle Helene is Charlotte’s most beautiful French brasserie, located in the heart of the city. The ambiance, in every detail, is authentically French, designed by renowned Parisian architect and designer Richard LaFond. From the black and white tiles to the unique murals, soft lighting, and classic bronze elements, these touches are nods to the countless eateries tucked within the streets of the famous City of Lights. La Belle Helene’s unisex restroom vanity offers a shared space for all guests to do more than just wash their hands. A hand-painted mural reflected in the vanity mirror offers a backdrop — for selfies, of course, and the space has been named Charlotte’s most beautiful bathroom time over time.

LaGuardia Airport – New York City, NY: LaGuardia Gateway Partners (LGP), the private entity rebuilding LaGuardia’s Terminal B, is dedicated to reimagining what a top-class visitor experience for travelers entails — and high-quality restrooms are a key part of that experience. LGP worked with designers to build a restroom that reflects their vision for a 21st century terminal, emphasizing efficiency, aesthetics and innovation. The stalls are deeper and wider to allow passengers to easily bring in luggage and close the door behind them. Prioritizing cleanliness, the restrooms in the new Terminal B are designed to be as hands-free as possible. The sinks are trough-style with a raised counter above. The restrooms even incorporate live orchids, custom mosaic tiles at the entryway and over the urinals, as well as graphics depicting New York City on the stall doors.

Mourad – San Francisco, CA: Designed by Olle Lundberg, the restrooms at Mourad feature elements of traditional Moroccan design with a modern interpretation. The restrooms capture Morocco and San Francisco in a space that celebrates old and new, tradition and innovation. Each of the fully enclosed stalls is decorated in a different color of floor-to-ceiling Moroccan mosaic tile. The stalls also feature a marble shelf and mirror, and open to a communal marble-countertop sink.

Nashville Zoo – Nashville, TN: Nashville Zoo’s Expedition Peru: Trek of the Andean Bear women’s restroom offers more than meets the eye. Visible through a floor-to-ceiling glass window are a family of six cotton-top tamarins. This lush indoor exhibit features these critically endangered primates and all their antics. Meanwhile, Nashville Zoo’s Entry Village men’s restroom features a floor-to-ceiling glass window with a view of the ball python snake exhibit.

Natick Mall – Natick, MA: The Natick Mall restrooms include a waiting room with a chandelier centered above. They also feature makeup stations and two private changing/nursing rooms with a lounge chair and outlets. Each stall also includes a marble shelf to hold your bag.

New Museum of Contemporary Art – New York City, NY: In December 2007, the New Museum opened its distinct building designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA. Located at 235 Bowery, the building is distinguished by its minimalist design. For the restrooms, the Tokyo-based architects selected a super-graphic pattern of pixilated cherry blossoms juxtaposed against hotly hued fields of orange and turquoise, covering the bathroom walls.

Sea-Tac Airport North Satellite Terminal – Seattle, WA: The new North Satellite Terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is part of the first stage of the $658.3m North Satellite Modernization Project. The restrooms feature automatic soap dispensers, quartz multi-station lavatories and flushing fixtures served by a rainwater harvest system that will provide 750,000 gallons annually to the restrooms. Additionally, there are separate sinks inside the ADA stalls and family restrooms with adult changing tables. All restrooms are co-located with custodial support closets to enable keeping the restrooms Opening Day Fresh!

The 10 finalists were selected based on cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality, and unique design elements. The winner will be honored with a place in the America’s Best Restroom Hall of Fame and $2,500 in facility services from Cintas to help maintain their award-winning washrooms.

Time is running out: Don’t forget to vote for your favorite loo here!

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