All-in-one speakers can record and upload custom sounds and messages

Netbell-NTG-08 and Netbell-NTG-12 are all-in-one speaker solutions in the Netbell Tone Generator product line.
Netbell-NTG-08 and Netbell-NTG-12 are all-in-one speaker solutions in the Netbell Tone Generator product line.

Netbell-NTG TCP/IP All-In-One Speakers

The self-contained speakers with built-in tone generator and BellScheduler can record or upload up to 10 hours of custom sounds and messages.

All-in-one speakers can record and upload custom sounds and messages

Linor Technology, Inc. (Linortek), a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced an all-in-one speakers solution to the Netbell® Tone Generator product line. This latest system combines Netbell’s TCP/IP platform, built-in web server, tone generating, and event scheduling with high-quality speakers into one easy-to-install, compact unit for custom sounds and alarms.all-in-one speakers

Netbell-NTG-08 and Netbell-NTG-12 are all-in-one, plug and play solutions. Users only need to plug in the power, connect to a network, select, or upload personalized tones/messages with no additional software required. The built-in web interface allows customers to remotely access, control, and schedule individualized tones for different events from a standard web browser through the IP address. The tone generator has 40 standard tones and comes with a 1GB SD card that allows users to upload 10 hours of custom tones, messages, and music.

The Netbell-NTG product line provides a simple and easy-to-use way for schools to signal class changes and factories and businesses to signal shift changes and breaks. The system is best suited for small to mid-sized schools, factories, businesses, warehouses, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, government and military buildings, and distribution centers.

The Netbell Tone Generator all-in-one system with loudspeaker is:

  • Compact and self-contained: The tone generating, event scheduling hardware, and software come in one compact durable enclosure.
  • Fully programmable: The system has up to 500 web-based event schedules that can be programmed from a web browser.
  • Accurate time control: The system has a built-in real time clock with changeable NTP automatic internet time setting, automatic Daylight Savings Time, and leap year correction.
  • Easy-to-use: With the built-in remote function and BellScheduler desk app, customers can manage and schedule multiple Netbell devices across multiple locations from one interface.
  • Easy to expand: Each Netbell device is a web server, an independent system that includes its own hardware and software. More units can be added without significant infrastructure changes.

“We are excited to offer schools, factories, and businesses another solution for notifying workers, students, and others of time-sensitive events. Our Netbell-NTG all-in-one system gives customers the convenience of a single product for all alert needs, including breaks, lunches, shift changes, stop works, general alarms, service notifications, etc. Considering the many different work and study environments our customers deal with every day, there are numerous situations that require variable and customizable audio solutions. Netbell-NTG products don’t require extra software for programming and can be accessed and programmed through its IP address. With our BellScheduler app, we can add schedules that control multiple devices from one interface,” said Gary S. Nalven, founder and CEO of Linortek.

The Netbell-NTG all-in-one system is offered in two sizes. The Netbell-NTG-08 all-in-one speakers feature a high-quality 8″ speaker that covers up to 20,000 ft2 areas and is most effective for schools and small businesses with moderate noise levels. The Netbell-NTG-12 is a high-quality 12″ speaker that covers up to 25,000 ft2, appropriate for alerts in factories, warehouses, or other high ambient noise environments.

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