WashBar with Undermount Basins

This WashBar extension adds flexibility to the series allowing for customized restroom decks

Bradley Corp. has extended its WashBar® series, now including the WashBar® with Undermount Basins. WashBar provides a completely touchless handwashing experience, housing the soap, water, and dryer in one intuitive unit.

undermount basinsWashBar with Undermount Basins pair Bradley’s original clean+rinse+dry technology with a selection of cast-formed undermount basins made of either Evero® natural quartz or Terreon® solid surface. These durable basin materials allow designers to create their own customized restroom decks in varying lengths, L-shapes, cut outs, or even different counter top materials.

The complete system includes the WashBar, a cast-formed basin designed specifically for use with the WashBar, a one-gallon foam or liquid soap container, and an optional access panel. With a wide array of basin designs and color selections—Evero in eight colors and Terreon in five colors—the WashBar with Undermount Basins enable almost unlimited design options.

“This extension of our WashBar family allows greater design flexibility when designers need it,” said Will Haas, senior product manager, Bradley Corp. “Our cast-formed basins have been designed to work together with the WashBar to keep water in the basin and off the floor, and together they integrate into any type of countertop or deck.”

The WashBar is comprised of a single piece of chrome-plated metal that combines soap, water, and dryer eliminating deck and washroom clutter. LED lighting on the fixture helps to visually orient the user through the hand washing process with easy-to-identify icons on top of the bar. Using a bowl designed to work with the WashBar will keep water in the bowl and avoid splashing outside the basin onto the floor, walls, or user, improving washroom cleanliness and safety.

Bradley’s exclusive Evero natural quartz offers a long life cycle. Made from a blend of granite, minerals, and other natural stones, this material is resilient and environmentally friendly. Constructed with a smooth, seamless finish, Evero’s non-porous surface does not support microbial growth, and is stain, chemical, scratch, and heat resistant.

Also seamless and non-porous, Terreon and TerreonRE recycled solid surface materials will not support the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria, and will last for years. Highly durable, this material is easy to clean, maintain, and repair.

Both Terreon and Evero have achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification.