Sun Valley LED Wall Mounts

The MOZ12 complements the Mozart LED series of area/street luminaires and bollards

Sun Valley Lighting expands the offering of models in the Mozart LED family line with the introduction of MOZ12 Wall Mounts.wall mounts

With refined, traditional styling matching the Mozart theme, MOZ12 wall mounts are visually compatible with the Mozart LED series of area/street luminaires and bollards. The new fixtures feature post top or pendant mountings and stylish arms designed specifically for the MOZ12 Series. A wide array of standard finishes is available, including black, white, grey, dark bronze, and green, or any RAL color best suited to a project.

The Mozart wall mounts utilize the PLED Optical System with panels that are field replaceable and available in six different asymmetric distributions.

Emitters (LED’s) are arrayed on a metal core PCB panel with each emitter located on a copper thermal transfer pad and enclosed by an LED refractor. In asymmetric distributions, a micro-reflector inside the refractor re-directs the house side emitter output towards the street side and functions as a house side shielding element. Refractors are injection molded H12 acrylic. Each LED refractor is sealed to the PCB over an emitter and all refractors are retained by an aluminum frame. LED refractors produce standard site/area distributions. Panels are field replaceable and field rotatable in 90° increments.

The LED drivers are a constant current electronic with a power factor of >.90 and a minimum operating temperature of -40°F. Drivers are UL and cUL recognized. In-line terminal blocks facilitate wiring between the driver and optical arrays. Drivers accept an input of 120-277V, 50/60Hz or 347V-480V, 50,60Hz. 0V to 10V dimmable driver is standard and has a minimum of 3KV internal surge protection. The luminaire is supplied with a 20KV surge protector for field accessible installation.

High output LEDs are utilized with drive currents ranging from 175mA to 525mA. Minimum CRI is 70. Color temperatures are offered in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and amber.

The wall mounts measure 20″ tall x 12″ wide at the hood and are designed for durability. The optical crown, arm, and hub are welded to create a one piece unitized housing. The hood is fastened to the housing with a stainless steel hinge and secured with a stainless steel hex screw. Hood and optical crown are sealed with an extruded closed cell silicone gasket. The decorative arm is welded to the wall mount plate, which covers a recessed J-box.

Options for the MOZ12 include house side shields, photo cell + voltage, and high-low dimming for hardwired switching or non-integrated motion sensor.