EnviroLogik Heating And Air Services

EnviroLogik, a drain service franchise, is expanding into HVAC by onboarding their newest concept—EnviroHeat. This expansion will offer more opportunities to both franchise owners and consumers.

EnviroLogik, an expert in eco-friendly commercial drain line and odor control solutions, has announced its expansion into the heating and air conditioning sector with the launch of its newest service EnviroHeat, an HVAC supplier that provides business and home owners with heating and air services.heating and air services

Continuing the brand’s eco-conscious mission, EnviroHeat is bringing green initiatives and cost saving solutions to a head through patented technology that allows business and home owners to utilize used cooking oil to generate power for heating and air conditioning purposes. EnviroHeat will be represented under its parent company EnviroLogik.

EnviroLogik was founded by Aziz Tejpar, who first recognized the need for effective commercial drain solutions in the United Kingdom, where fatbergs—oil and grease buildups—are notorious for creating major blockages in city pipelines. Looking to solve this problem without hurting the environment further, Aziz invested in Environmental Biotech, a biomediation company headquartered in the U.S. What started as an effort in the United Kingdom has become a global business venture. Just this past year, Tejpar launched the concept in the United States under the name EnviroLogik. Now, with EnviroHeat joining the lineup, EnviroLogik is on its way to becoming a one-stop shop for eco-friendly maintenance services and solutions.

“At EnviroLogik, our number one goal is to provide communities with eco-friendly solutions to major issues that could affect the health of businesses and those residing in the community,” said Aziz Tejpar, Founder of EnviroLogik. “By adding EnviroHeat, we are rising above that goal by providing quality services to a larger group of clients. The onboarding of this brand undoubtedly broadens our capabilities while bringing more profitability and opportunity for growth to our franchisees.”

The experts in fats, oil, and grease (FOG), EnviroLogik franchisees will now be able to supply EnviroHeat’s patented burners, boilers, and other products to offer customers a more well-rounded FOG solution. EnviroLogik and EnviroHeat act hand in hand by providing services that not only keep drains clear, but also improve the quality of function in a business, while reducing pollutants, complying with city regulations, and cutting costs.

“At EnviroLogik, innovative and effective solutions are a staple, and we are excited to present customers with further cost saving and eco-friendly services,” said Ron Bender, VP of Franchising at EnviroLogik. “By increasing the variety of services EnviroLogik offers, and adding an entire new market to the list, we are expecting to have a big impact on both franchisees and municipalities across the nation.”

EnviroLogik is currently seeking qualified franchise partners to provide businesses and home owners with heating and air services.


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