2020 SOLUTIONS For FM: ProWire Unified Power From LifeSafety Power

A pre-wired, UL/ULC power solution, ProWire Unified Power simplifies and standardizes access control across an enterprise. A talk with Matt Virga, LifeSafety Power regional sales director, elaborates on this solution as well as industry trends.

Facilities leaders and their teams are in the market for innovative solutions to meet their evolving needs. The recent issue of Facility Executive magazine included a selection of SOLUTIONS 2020, and featured below is the Q&A with LifeSafety Power from that December 2019 article. We continued the conversation with a brief podcast, which you can listen to by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

ProWire Unified Power

Facility Executive: What is a notable product your company will introduce to facility management professionals in 2020?

access control
ProWire Unified Power from LifeSafety Power is a pre-wired, UL/ULC power solution to simplify and standardize access control across an enterprise.

LifeSafety Power: [Our company] has effectively shifted the trajectory of the power supply industry with the creation of a new category of intelligent, power management solutions that provide proactive analytics to mission-critical physical security devices. ProWire Unified Power is a pre-wired, UL/ULC power solution that’s ready to install, simplifying and standardizing access control solutions across an enterprise.

ProWire Unified Power Systems bring enterprise-wide efficiency to facility managers’ specifications. ProWire systems eliminate panel wiring variability so facility security executives can establish equipment installation standards for uniform operation, maintenance, and servicing of the physical security system. ProWire’s precision wiring design shaves off hours of internal panel wiring with fewer wiring components. For facility executives and managers, that translates into the ability to easily simplify access control installations across all their locations.

ProWire is UL/ULC listed and features quick-connect terminal strips that incorporate Authentic Mercury, Software House, AMAG Technology, and other access control hardware from leading security industry providers. Direct-drop shipment brings pre-wired equipment to the job site at time of installation, saving end-users the time and expense of ordering, expediting, and coordinating components necessary for field-wired installations. In addition, ProWire models come standard, or networked to allow remote monitoring of power supplies, battery sets, and connected devices such as locks or access panels.

Facility Executive: How is this offering relevant to the work of facility management leaders? How will it help them achieve their goals?

Life Safety Power: [Our company] understands the challenges of today’s end-user. We know that labor savings, standardization, and being able to generate real-time data and status on the health and viability of locks, access control panels, batteries, and other connected components is vital to the reliability and resiliency of connected systems.access control

Facility executives are looking for added value, lower total cost of ownership, a healthy return on investment for all their security solutions, and guaranteed system uptime with proactive maintenance and monitoring. With the increasing ability to integrate a wide range of systems — from security to building operations and energy management, it’s critical to have the kind of solution that will notify users, ahead of time, of any problems or issues with their networked products.

Network-connected ProWire systems can interface directly into Mercury Security or Software House C•Cure 9000 platforms, allowing users to receive, manage, and control alerts and notifications. ProWire is compatible with Multi-Site Manager (MSM) Enterprise, which yields advanced analytics so end-users can actively network, monitor, and manage power solutions for greater uptime and dependability.

In a follow up interview, Matt Virga, Regional Sales Director for LifeSafety Power, provided further insight into the features of ProWire Unified Power, its impact on facility management operations, and related facilities trends. Click below to listen.