Growlite Plant-Safe Horticulture Lighting

Barron Lighting Group introduced three new Soft Green LED Spectrum Products

Barron Lighting Group, the parent company to Growlite indoor and greenhouse horticultural lighting, announced the addition of their plant-safe soft green LED spectrum products—the GLE-GL green LED vapor tight luminaire, the GLE-S green LED exit sign, and the GLE-GL-RKU green LED retrofit kit for horticulture lighting.

horticulture lighting“Barron Lighting Group is pleased to introduce our new soft green LED product line specifically designed for horticulture applications to provide plant-safe, green egress, and task lighting—the GLE-GL green LED vapor tight luminaire with optional battery backup, the GLE-S green LED exit sign, and the GLE-GL-RKU green LED retrofit kit,” said Heather McCune, Vice President, Sales Operations of Barron Lighting Group.

The GLE-GL is a task light designed for safely lighting the dark cycle when growing short-day plants. IP95 rated, Growlite’s plant-safe SOFT GREEN LEDs cannot be easily “seen” by plants, allowing for critical tasks to be performed in the grow rooms during the dark cycle without the light adversely affecting the growth stage of the plant. The GLE-GL is also available with a UL 924 compliant 90 minute battery backup option. It features 1,069 lumens in AC operation and 715 lumens in battery backup operation. Operating temperature is -40°F to 104°F and 32°F to 104°F with backup.

horticulture lightingThe GLE-S Green Exit Series is specifically designed to provide plant-safe, 530nm, soft green egress lighting for horticultural applications. It can be ceiling, end, or wall mounted and allows growers to work on their plants during the dark cycle while not adversely affecting plant growth. The GLE-S Series is bright and visible in both normal and smoke filled environments. It features a UL 924 Listed 90 minute emergency run time; 24 hour recharge time; solid 1/8″ thick, vandal-resistant, polycarbonate lens; and maintenance-free NiMH (standard) or Lead Calcium (G1) batteries. The GLE-S is also available with a green combination exit/emergency light option.

horticulture lightingThe GLE-GL-RKU is a purpose-built LED retrofit kit for hallway lighting outside grow rooms, and can be added to existing general purpose lighting. Hallway lighting leaking into grow rooms can have an adverse effect on plants during the dark cycle. The plant-safe, soft green light eliminates this risk. The GLE-GL-RKU features over 2,100 lumens when installed in the typical troffer style fixture. This retrofit installation kit unit includes double-sided mounting tape, mounting screws, and wire connectors. It also includes two 24″ Soft Green LED strips, allowing for adaptable field installation and providing more than 130,000 hours of operation at 77°F with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L70).