Allegion Cylindrical Lock with Modular Design

The Schlage® ALX Series creates flexibility with new ways to order, configure, and utilize a grade 2 lock

Allegion US, a provider of security products and solutions, announced the launch of the Schlage ALX Series—a modular cylindrical lock. It creates flexibility with new ways to order, configure, and utilize a grade 2 lock.

The Schlage ALX Series features a single, patent pending chassis design that supports most functions and all cylinder applications. As a modular cylindrical lock, it enables in-field function setup or exchange and a field-selectable Vandlgard® feature on all locking functions.

Schlage ALX is an evolution of the earlier AL Series, which was based on Walter Schlage’s first commercially sold lock, the A button lock. This first cylindrical design lock is so enduring a design that it is still offered today. In conjunction with the launch, Schlage, the Allegion brand home to the ALX Series, is celebrating the year of its 100th anniversary.cylindrical lock

“For 100 years, Schlage has provided advanced security solutions for homes and businesses, growing from a small start-up to a global brand,” said Brad Sweet, commercial marketing leader for Allegion. “From the first A Series push-button lock pioneered by Walter Schlage in 1920 to the Schlage ALX Series today, our passion for mechanical door hardware is rooted in security and steeped in innovation.”

Born from a modular design, “X Factor” features of the Schlage ALX Series include:

  • FleXible buying options – purchase configured or as separate chassis, function, and lever kitscylindrical lock
  • Function fleXibility – patent pending modular chassis design lets users create the lock they need on-site and change functions in the future as rooms are repurposed
  • MaXimum utility – one-chassis-fits-all function kit options and cores to minimize inventory
  • EXtreme installation simplicity – no loose parts and little or no need to adjust for door thickness
  • EXpansive lever offering – 10 designs and a full range of key system support, including all Schlage as well as five competitive cylinder formats
  • EXtra functionality – field-reversible Vandlgard to non-Vandlgard lever engagement
  • EXceptional durability – premium features like grade 1 compression springs and a stainless steel latch bolt
  • EXtended life – the deep-drawn spindle has five points of lever engagement to help minimize droop or wobble

“Thoughtful design is evident in the ALX Series. We see the modularity, durability, and security features as building on the best of Schlage innovation. We’re excited about this lock and committed to offering every possible configuration,” noted Reyn Parsons, Vendor Relations for Security Lock Distributors, a nationwide Master Wholesale Distributor of Schlage Locks.