Threshold Security Expiring Visitor Badges

These self-expiring solutions are valid today but void tomorrow, for increased facility security

Expiring Visitor Badges from Threshold Security change color to prevent reuse and therefore do not need to be collected at the end of a visit. These self-expiring solutions are available in manual, direct thermal, or inkjet badge types.visitor badges

Time-Expiring Badges for Direct Thermal Printers are rolls of visitor badges that come in three configurations: those that fit DYMO® printers, those that fit Brother® printers (similar to the Brother DK-1202 Shipping Label, with a reusable cartridge that is provided), and those that fit Zebra® printers.

Time-Expiring Badges for Inkjet Printers are available in rolls and compatible with most rolled-stock inkjet and laser color printers. A color photo, color logo, or color title/text can be added to any badge.

Expiring Dot Sets can turn any badge into a time-expiring badge. They provide users with the option of choosing where on the pass/ID card the expiration will show and choosing which visitors they want to manage with an expiring pass on a case-by-case basis.

Expiring Security Labels turn ordinary IDs into time-expiring IDs once activated and applied. They can be customized for a variety of uses, such as “screened” through a security checkpoint, “juror” who is authorized to be in the courthouse, “valid” ticket for admission or a meal, and “approved” product for shipping. TAB-Expiring Labels come in rolls for use with direct thermal printers and are a one-piece solution. Users print and activate the badge by folding the tab behind it; “VOID” will show by the next day, preventing reuse. FULL-Expiring Labels are activated when the front piece is applied to the back piece and come in sheets that fit laser printers. Both label types may also be written on with a pen.