Marine Grade Tubular Mortise Locks

Codelocks’ CL510 and CL515 provide solutions for outdoor and coastal applications

Codelocks Inc., an access control company that designs and distributes standalone keyless door locks and access products, announced the U.S. launch of two Marine Grade Tubular Mortise Locks—the CL510 and CL515. Adding to its CL500 range of locks, these heavy-duty marine grade mechanical locks are specially enhanced to withstand outdoor and maritime environments.marine grade

The new CL500 Marine Grade locks have a coating that resists exposure to salt spray and moisture, helping to prevent damage caused by corrosion. Flexible with simple-coded external access for high traffic buildings, these locks can be used in areas such as outbuildings, construction sites, and boat marinas.

The CL510 and CL515 feature a medium-duty tubular mortise latch with anti-shim plunger; large, full-size lever handles; and a black finish. The latch retracts by turning the inside handle freely, or the outside handle after code input. With the 11 buttons a total of 2,047 different codes are available, these non-sequential code combinations may be entered in any order. The CL515 model provides a Code Free option. The outside lever will retract the latch freely until disabled. The spring loaded latch bolt will lock automatically when the door is closed. Neoprene seals are included.

“We are committed to offering a wide range of products—from small access control door controllers to the Marine Grade locks—that address all of our customers’ varied needs,” states Matt Welty, General Manager, Codelocks Inc. “Our CL510 and CL515 Marine Grade locks have undergone rigorous salt spray testing, including up to 1000 hours*, and we are excited to see where and what types of environments our customers install these locks.”

This CL500 Marine Grade range of locks completes the Codelocks Mechanical series.

*Tested in-house by Codelocks Ltd.