Tagwall Launches Healthier Workplace Product Line

Acrylic glass partitions create desk separation and social distancing for trading floor desks, bench seating, and creative open work spaces.

Tagwall, a New York-based provider of architectural glass wall and office front separation systems, has launched its new Healthier Workplace desk and office solutions, with a goal of making offices safe and more secure workplaces. Manufactured locally, the desk partition social distancing solutions are acrylic glass screen barriers easily retrofitted to existing desk and office space specification.

social distancing social distancing“We all want to get back to work, but more than half of our clients’ offices are open space designs. Creating distancing with desk separation is critical, so Tagwall quickly adapted its architectural wall systems to include glass barrier separation solutions for open bench desk arrangements typically found on trading floors and at large technology, media and creative design companies,” said Jon Offerman, CEO of Tagwall. “The Healthier Workplace product line contributes to employers and employee peace of mind that desks and office spaces will be safe and secure environments as we all look to reopen for business.”

Companies are redesigning their physical workspaces while rethinking their longer-term workplace strategies to protect employee health. Tagwall’s Healthier Workplace desk and office distancing solutions offers a variety of glass barriers and anti-microbial protection solutions to create “no touch” environments in high traffic zones including swinging and sliding door installations for lobby entrances, reception areas, and hospitality centers. All skin and mat products are treated with antimicrobial coating to ensure continuous natural self-cleaning of public high touch point surfaces like door hardware.

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