Collaboration Enhances Augmented Reality App

CommScope and Resonai look to leverage the benefits of AR for installation, operation, and maintenance of communications infrastructure in buildings or on campuses

CommScope, provider of infrastructure solutions for communications networks, is working with Resonai Inc., an artificial intelligence and augmented reality (AR) company, to explore building an application based on Resonai’s Vera platform to leverage the benefits of AR for installation, operation, and maintenance of communications infrastructure in a building or campus environment. This expands CommScope’s focus on automated infrastructure management to include Vera’s AR cloud technology along with several CommScope in-building connectivity products.

augmented realityCompanies today can create a 3D digital representation of a physical space. But there are very few AR platforms on the market that can generate a highly accurate and very precise “intelligent” digital twin needed to address real business issues. This technology allows building owners and operators to leverage the computing power of the AR cloud to create new user experiences that were previously impossible, gain access to a whole new level of user analytics, and even identify new monetization models from the digital real estate that is created.

For example, this type of AR application enables a user to expediently identify and locate faulty equipment, identify accurate placement and installation of new equipment, access step-by-step guidance for maintenance tasks, and perform these activities with equal efficiencies in a small or large building.

“CommScope continues to explore unique ways for our campus and building customers to operate their networks more effectively and more efficiently” said Ernie Pickens, senior vice president of Enterprise Solutions, CommScope. “Our work with Resonai in augmented reality continues to show promise and opens up collaboration opportunities across the intelligent building ecosystem.”

augmented realityVera is a fully productized AR computer vision platform that transforms physical spaces into intelligent digital assets. Its technology imbeds intelligence into a physical space so that any device can navigate through it, apply logic, and continuously learn from the surroundings. Vera employs very precise and real-time localization and tracking of users within these environments, without the use of any markers. This provides the ability to inject content remotely and access analytics that can be used to personalize content and improve building efficiencies.

“We’re thrilled to be working with CommScope to demonstrate how AR can improve business functionality on a global scale,” said Emil Alon, CEO and founder of Resonai. “Once a building is converted into an intelligent digital twin in the AR cloud, CommScope and its customers can access applications that will have direct, tangible impact on business operations.”

CommScope first announced its work with AR technology back in April of 2018. At that time the efforts were focused on AR with CommScope’s imVision automated infrastructure management solution to help customers “see” what the naked eye cannot. Some of this initial work included visualization of cable pathways above a ceiling and identification which of outlets have PoE capability.