Schlage Mobile Access Solutions

The Allegion US portfolio provides flexible security, convenient access, and trusted expertise

Allegion US, a provider of security products and solutions, announced the launch of Schlage® Mobile Access Solutions—a comprehensive, secure, and flexible access control solution portfolio.Mobile Access Solutions

In the age of digital transformation and the evolving mobile economy, providing secure, convenient access is at the forefront of security challenges faced by multifamily properties, businesses, and campuses alike. The Schlage Mobile Access Solutions portfolio redefines access control for the mobile world. As a complete cloud-based ecosystem, it enables the use of mobile credentials on openings across a property or site, delivering a straightforward mobile credential experience for end users and site administrators.

Schlage Mobile Access Solutions is a comprehensive portfolio that provides customers and end users with a premium mobile offering, providing them seamless access to where they live, work, and visit:

  • Schlage Mobile Access Credential – The new credential features AES-256 asymmetric credential encryption and works in offline scenarios once downloaded from the cloud. This means it is reliable and even works in environments where internet access is down or cellular service is spotty.
  • Schlage Mobile SDK – Designed for Physical Access Control Software (PACS) providers to easily integrate this Bluetooth mobile credential into their system, which allows seamless credential management and secure delivery/communication with Schlage locks.
  • Schlage Mobile Enabled Control™ Smart Lock – Schlage’s leading multifamily resident door lock is now mobile enabled and allows properties to offer high-tech, convenient security to residents.
  • Schlage NDE Mobile Enabled Wireless Lock – The wireless cylindrical lock is now mobile enabled, and the new interior push button expands the way the lock operates to include storeroom, office, privacy, and apartment functions.
  • Schlage LE Mobile Enabled Wireless Lock – The wireless mortise lock is now mobile enabled and available with an indicator, interior push button, or deadbolt to support storeroom, privacy, apartment, and office applications.
  • Schlage MTB Mobile Enabled Multi-Technology Reader – The new Schlage MTB Series Readers are now mobile enabled and compatible with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth, 13.56 MHz smart, and 125 kHz proximity, allowing the ability to process multiple credential formats simultaneously. They feature a RS-485 interface and out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bi-directional communication. The MTB series can be installed with plug and play mode or commissioned via the ENGAGE app for simplified, in-field configuration.
  • Schlage CTE Controller – Designed to work with a Schlage mobile enabled multi-technology reader, the CTE is an ENGAGE™ enabled, single-opening controller that allows perimeter and common area openings to be managed in a single system along with Schlage Control Mobile Enabled Smart Locks and NDE cylindrical and LE mortise wireless locks. It is ideal for multifamily, commercial mixed use, and retail storefront applications.

Mobile Access SolutionsWhile mobile access is not new to the industry, Schlage’s belief in open global standards and interoperability, along with its commitment to cybersecurity, differentiates its portfolio from competition. This ultimately provides customers with better options for control of their security solutions today and in years to come.

“Allegion is always looking for ways to address our customers’ evolving needs with real, sustainable innovation, so we’re excited to launch this comprehensive cloud-based mobile enabled portfolio,” said Brad Sweet, commercial marketing leader at Allegion. “Schlage Mobile Access Solutions is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, multifamily properties, and higher education campuses that want a customizable, interoperable, secure, and convenient access control solution.”

The launch of Schlage Mobile Access Solutions portfolio is the next wave in Allegion’s mission to serve the industry with flexible access control solutions, making seamless, comprehensive security the new standard for businesses, institutions, and beyond.