Menstrual Waste Receptacle Liner Bags

HOSPECO improves HD Scensibles SecureFit360, a lower-cost alternative for sanitary restrooms

Over a decade ago, the Scensible Source Company changed the conversation about menstrual care product disposal with Scensibles® scented pink personal tie-handle-closure bags. A few years later came snug-fitting poly scented liner bags for in-stall receptacles that exceed OSHA expectations for properly lined menstrual waste containers. Now comes high-density (HD) Scensibles® SecureFit360® universal poly liner bags from HOSPECO®.Liner Bags

The new liners, made with the highest quality resin in the plastics industry, are 53% thinner, yet stronger than the original SecureFit360 liner bags, and more competitively priced than commonly used kraft waxed paper liners.

SecureFit360 HD liner bags are more rigid to provide a better formed fit, making installation and removal easier and more efficient. The frosted color masks the contents, yet still allows cleaning staff to see and avoid potentially dangerous needles and other sharps. The heat seal at the top strengthens the built-in wraparound strap and makes it appear neater on the receptacle. Not only is the thinner high-density bag made with considerably less plastic than the original low-density SecureFit360, but it also sends 50% less material weight to a landfill than kraft waxed paper bags.

The SecureFit360 HD liners retain the distinctive fresh fragrance and antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, along with the same functionality and performance as the original bags. The liner completely covers the inside surface to contain menstrual waste and eliminates surface soiling and subsequent offensive odors. The unique strap wraps around the bottom of the receptacle to secure the bag in place. It is then used as a handle for safe removal by cleaning staff to help avoid contact with menstrual care products soiled with blood and body fluids, which have the potential to carry infectious bloodborne pathogens.

HOSPECO completes the menstrual care solution for away-from-home restrooms with the Scensibles line for safe and sanitary disposal. The Scensibles line includes personal disposal bags and compact dispensers; combination dispenser receptacle units that dispense Scensibles disposal bags featuring Evogen No-Touch Combination Receptacles; and universal poly liners that fit all makes and models of menstrual waste receptacles, of which new high-density SecureFit360 poly liner bags are an integral part.