Code-compliant barricade lock increases classroom safety

The SAFEBOLT barricade lock has increased its fire rating for up to three hours.
The SAFEBOLT barricade lock has increased its fire rating for up to three hours.

SAFEBOLT Barricade Lock

Securitech’s red button locking device now achieves a three-hour fire rating.

Code-compliant barricade lock increases classroom safety

Securitech Group, a high security lock manufacturer, announced that SAFEBOLT™ (SB175), the red button locking solution, has increased its fire rating for up to three hours. Shielded in a durable, nylon polymer sheathing, SAFEBOLT is an alternative to replacing existing cylindrical locksets, retracting with the normal rotation of the lever. This barricade lock respects all fire and life safety codes for safe haven locations such as classrooms, offices, houses of worship, and other spaces.

barricade lockSAFEBOLT empowers anyone in the room to safely secure the door without dangerously trapping others. Designed in full compliance with existing NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), IBC (International Building Code), and other codes, AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdictions) do not need to write exemptions to allow the use of SAFEBOLT. Pressing the red button projects a 1″ stainless steel locking bolt to secure the room, eliminating the need to search for keys or install illegal secondary barricade devices, while still providing free egress and access by key for staff and first responders.

SAFEBOLT follows all Department of Homeland Security guidelines, which recommend employing the use of a push-button mechanism to avoid having to scramble for a key to quickly lock the door. SAFEBOLT aligns with the National Association of State Fire Marshals’ Classroom Door Security & Locking Hardware Checklist, highlighting the importance of being able to effectively secure occupants from the interior of the classroom, and to steer away from locksets that require teachers to go in the hall to lock the door.

The code-compliant barricade lock features a visual indicator to notify occupants that the door is bolted. Inswing and outswing models are available.

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