EasyTask GrabBox Refillable Cleaning System

Hospeco allows users to add their cleaning solution of choice to make their own wet wipes

Hospeco Brands Group, a manufacturer of personal care, cleaning, and protection products serving the “away from home” marketplace, has introduced the EasyTask® GrabBox® Refillable Cleaning System in response to widespread shortages of some cleaning supplies. If finding a pre-moistened wipe with your facility’s preferred cleaning solution is difficult, now you can make your own.refillable cleaning

The EasyTask GrabBox Refillable Cleaning System (N-ETA100) gives you control over the supply chain. Each sturdy box is lined with a durable bag containing a perforated center-feed roll of wipes that can be filled with your disinfectant or cleaning solution of choice, saturating the wipes inside. The resealable bag holds a half-gallon of liquid and keeps wipes moist. To help ensure safety and efficacy, there’s a blank chemical identification panel printed on each grab-and-go box to fill-in and identify the solution used to make the pre-moistened wipe. The GrabBox® handle makes the cleaning system easy to carry between workstations.

The low lint wipes have excellent tear strength, are solvent resistant, and come in two spunlace finishes. Smooth is for pre-moistened applications, and creped is for pre-moistened and dry applications. The 6.375″ diameter N-ETA100 roll contains 275 wipes that measure 10″ x 12″. The wipes work on hard, non-porous surfaces across a range of vital public spaces striving to remain open by adhering to state guidelines. Examples include schools and universities, healthcare facilities, restaurants, offices and government buildings, retail stores, hospitality, and public transportation.

The EasyTask GrabBox Refillable Cleaning System (N-ETF310) is also available in a quarter-fold version using Hospeco’s Deluxe Antimicrobial wiper, especially suitable for lunchroom and breakroom applications. This box contains 175 wipes that measure 10″ x 13″; folder wiper size is 6.25″ x 5.5″.

Either GrabBox is a convenient, versatile way to clean, disinfect, and help fight back against viruses, bacteria, and germs. Users only need to add cleaning or disinfectant solution to create their own durable wet wipe.

Refill packs for both GrabBox models are available by the case (six wipe bags per case).