Pure Air Controls Works With SPENGA Fitness Studio For Improved IAQ

SPENGA in Seminole, FL implemented the Pure Air Indoor Environment program, a combination of services focused on healthy indoor air — and is the first Certified Pure Air fitness studio.

SPENGA fitness studio in Seminole, FL recently became the first Certified Pure Air fitness studio in the world. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the business closed two days before the Florida statewide mandate to do so. The business set a course to create a safer environment for its staff and members, and this included healthy indoor air. The SPENGA studio contacted Pure Air Control Services which implemented its healthy building program in their facility. SPENGA reopened 66 days later at 50% capacity, as a Certified Pure Air Fitness Studio.indoor air

“Becoming a Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment has given our members the confidence to come back in for classes,” says SPENGA Seminole studio owner, Dan Foster. “It’s really provided the bounce we need to get back to business and has given us an edge over the competition.”

What is a Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment? Pure Air Indoor Environment is a combination of services. Each service is focused on improving and maintaining optimal indoor air quality.


indoor air
The inside of SPENGA fitness studio in Seminole, FL

HVAC Cleaned and Restored. The first step in the certification was to clean two rooftop air handling units with the PURE-Steam™ method. High temperature steam provides thorough disinfection of the RTUs. Then insulation was coated with encapsulating paint as part of the HVAC New Life™ process. This prevents the spread of fiberglass particles into the building below.

Pathogens Neutralized. PURE-Decon topical cleaning together with an electrostatic spray method disinfects pathogens. This method goes beyond CDC recommendations. Next, two needlepoint PURE-Plasma BiPolar Ionizers and two PURE+AeraMax air purifiers were installed to eliminate microbes and particles.

Conditions Tested. Pure Air Control’s EDLab analyzed samples from coronavirus environmental testing and found no presence of virus RNA. As a result, the studio was verified safe for occupancy.

Conditions Monitored. The last step for certification included the installation of IAQ Guard technology. This system continuously monitors the facility for particles, temperature, rH, CO2, and VOCs. Finally, before entering the studio, members get checked at a touchless temperature detection kiosk.

“We were honored to help SPENGA achieve their IAQ goals to protect their members and staff,” says Alan Wozniak, CEO of Pure Air Control Services. “They are an elite fitness studio so becoming certified with our healthy building program speaks volumes of their commitment to the high standards they’ve set for themselves.”

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